Top 100 national signee will report to Ole Miss on May 31st

Octavious Cooley broke just about every imaginable receiving records at Laurel. Now the 6-foot-4, 260-pound tight end is looking to do the same at Ole Miss.

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"I'm going up there (to Ole Miss) with the mind set to break every tight end receiving record they have at Ole Miss," Cooley said. "I'm going to take advantage of being in an offense that will utilize us big guys. Look at what Evan (Engram) has done up there. I plan on doing the same things."

Breaking records at Laurel is exactly what he did. During his high school career he caught over 220 passes for 5,200 yards and 51 touchdowns. It's not every day you see a 6-foot-4, 260 pound guy who can separate from defensive backs.

"I'm a big guy who can run. That's what Ole Miss needs. They have some H-Back like tight ends but they don't have any big guys like me. That's why they wanted me so badly. They said I have the perfect size and for me to stay in shape. They told if I reported in shape I'll definitely play this fall. I'm focused. I know I have a great opportunity ahead of me. My parents and grandparents have gone over what is at stake for me. I'm treating my next journey like a business. There's no play anymore. I've worked out harder than I ever have this offseason so I can report in the best shape of my life. I've about 260 pounds right now and stronger than ever. I was repping 325 pounds the other day and squatting 550 pounds."

The top 100 national signee graduated last week. It was a special day for his family.

"It felt good. My family was proud of me, but I know they will be even more proud when I get my degree at Ole Miss. I report to Ole Miss on May 31st. It's about to be an amazing experience. I can't wait. I kept reading the reports all spring about my other guys in our class practicing up there. It was killing me not being up there with them. I have a lot of catching up to do, but I'll be there all summer to get the playbook down and get use to the speed of the game."

What are Octavious' freshman goals?

"I just want to make a name for myself. I want to get to the next level (NFL) so I have to put my name on the map. Everybody is competing to get to the league. You just have to work hard and make sure you keep your body and mind fresh. Like I said earlier, I'm treating this like a business. I know what is at stake. My goal has always to be playing on Sundays one day. I'm just ready to be with my new family and get to bond with those guys for the next four years."

The four time All-State performer chose the Rebels for several reasons.

"I like everything about the program. I started going to their games my freshman season. I told myself at one of their games my sophomore season that I wanted to play there one day. If I got an offer I was going. They offered me later in the season and I know from that point that is where I was headed. I grew up a Rebel and will always be a Rebel."

The team goals is simple.

"That's why we all came to Ole Miss. We want to win a national championship. The pieces are in place. Our class is going to make sure we keep the Ole Miss name in the spotlight for years to come. All I can say is Hotty Toddy."

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