Kam White talks about his and Cam Akers latest visit to Oxford

The Clinton dynamic duo of 5-Star RB Cam Akers and 3-Star S Kam White have been regular visitors on the Ole Miss campus the past few months. They have made three or four stops to the Oxford. The latest coming the weekend before last.

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"It was a good visit," White said. "They have plans for me and Cam (Akers). If we go up there together we are going to room together. They told us a lot of good stuff about us and their plans for us."

Clinton two-way player, Kam White, was told about the plans for him if he were to go to Ole Miss.

"They told me about the position they are going to play me. They like me at Husky. They like my size and mobility. I feel more natural at safety. It just comes to me. I know the coverages because I've played receiver most of my life. I have good instincts at safety. That's why they want me at defensive back. I just feel natural playing safety. I haven't been playing defensive back long but I'm more natural there. I told them I was down with that. They were happy to hear that."

The 6-foot-2, 203 pound athlete had already visited Ole Miss with Cam several times this spring. The familiarity with the Oxford campus is having an impact.

"They just make us feel at home every time we are up there. I know they want me. I know they want Cam. They make us feel wanted. That never gets old. They have defined what they want from me, what my role will be, and how I'll play it. We go over their defensive coverages when I'm up there. They see me a big part of their future. I guess the best way I can describe it is that they just make me feel at home when I'm up there."

Does that homey feeling stand out the most for Ole Miss with White?

"I just like the consistency they recruit me. They have made me feel wanted since they started recruiting me. I know they want me up there. That's always grabbed my attention. That stands out the most."

How big of a factor is it for Cam and Kam to go to the same college?

"Well, it's not that we just have to go to the same school, but it sure would be nice (laugh). That's my boy. He knows that. It's been a dream of ours for that to happen."

Who are the common schools they are interested in?

"It's just Ole Miss right now. Ole Miss is the only school we are both interested in."

How big is that?

"It's pretty big. I'm not going to lie, but at the end of the day we have to do what is best for each individual. We'll both go where we are needed and wanted the most. Where can we get the most playing time? Those will definitely be the biggest factors in our decision."

Who are the other schools that are the most consistent with Kam White?

"Iowa State, Florida and Arkansas."

"Iowa State has not slept on me. They are recruiting me harder than any school. I appreciate that. They know that. They know they have a great chance of getting me up there. They never let up. They like me at safety as well"

"Florida wants me at defensive back as well. I have not been up there, but is is "DB U". If I go there I have a great chance of making it to the NFL and getting a great degree that could set me up for life."

"Arkansas has been very consistent with me. I haven't been up there either. I'll have to see what they have to offer."

Where does Kam visit next?

"I don't have anything set up yet. Whatever comes up, I'll go. I would like to make a decision by the end of the summer. I'll probably go on a few more visits before I decide."

Yancy Porter is the recruiting analyst for the Ole Miss Spirit and he can be reached at yporter@scout.com

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