Olive Branch cornerback visits with another OM commit

Jaylon Reed out of Olive Branch, Miss., received an offer from Ole Miss this summer at one of their camps. The 6-foot-0 cornerback returned this past Friday with another corner that is a key recruit for the Rebels.


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"Me and Devin Rockette went over there this past Friday," Reed said. "We've been hanging out a lot after we met at the Southern Elite combine."

The Ole Miss coaches wanted both corners to come in for the day and spend some time with them.

"Coach (Maurice) Harris asked if I would come over last week," Jaylon said. "He said me and Devin could come down there and hang out for the day, so I did. We got a tour of their facilities. We went into their locker room, training room and just looked at everything."

The 2018 cornerback, Jaylon, had a chance to get a look at the athletic facilities when he camped at Ole Miss in June. This time he wanted to see the campus.

"I really wanted to get down there to see the campus because I've never seen it all. The couple times I've been to Ole Miss we always went straight to their stadium or IPF. This time I got to see their campus. It's a lot of walking. Their campus is pretty big. There were a lot of students walking around to their classes. I got to talk to some of them. I just asked how they liked it at Ole Miss. Everybody was familiar with everyone. It's a big school but small enough where everyone knows everyone. I knew a lot of people they knew that went to school there. It's pretty cool to have a lot of contacts over there at Ole Miss. Everyone said they loved it. They just told me that I would have to come over more to see what they mean. I told them that I've had a great experience every time I've been down there and plan on coming back often."

What did the Ole Miss coaches say to Reed during the visit?

"They asked me if I was coming back in the fall to see some of their games. I told them I was definitely coming back to watch some of their games. I just don't know which ones right now. I have to look at our football schedule and pick some dates."

The visit to Ole Miss was a positive trip.

"I just feel more and more comfortable every time I'm down there. Everyone is so friendly around there. They all love it down there. They treat me like family."

The rising junior out of Olive Branch has even had thoughts about giving Ole Miss an early commitment but has decided to slow down his recruitment.

"Yea, I've thought about it. It's like I'm one of them. Even the players treat me like I'm already a part of the team. They are the main ones recruiting me. But I'm going to stay patient in the recruiting process and just see how it unfolds down the road."

After Ole Miss offered in June he started getting hit up from schools like Alabama and LSU. He camped at both.

"Alabama really likes me. We have been talking a lot lately. Coach (Nick) Saban was at The Car Wash (production by ESPN in Connecticut) during the camp, so he wasn't there. Coach Nappier is my recruiter. He told me that he couldn't push for an offer at the camp because coach Saban wasn't there, but that I was one of the standouts at the camp. They are going to come watch me play ball this fall."

"LSU's defensive back coach told me that they were going to evaluate my performance from the camp and get back with me. They really didn't say a whole lot to me."

Yancy Porter is the recruiting analyst for the Ole Miss Spirit and he can be reached at yporter@scout.com


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