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After losing a bunch of weight, Sims is a new man

Just a little over two years ago, sophomore OL Jordan Sims was 383 pounds and not a factor. Now, he's 328 and a starter. The transformation has been nothing short of remarkable.

In roughly 26 months, Jordan Sims lost an average second grader in weight.

The smile on his face in August of 2016 as his Ole Miss Rebels embark on a promising football campaign tell the bulk of his story via the pride he takes in his vital and impressive accomplishment.

"The difference between me then and now I can't even describe," Sims, a very personable young man, said. "Really, the difference between me now and a year ago is also big.

"I am in so much better shape now and I am able to keep up with our offense so much better from a physical standpoint. From a mental standpoint, I don't have to think nearly as much and I recognize so much more. I am not a finished product, so to speak, but I'm night and day from where I was. I cannot get complacent - I have to keep pushing, but I have the motivation to do so because I see how far I have come and know I don't want to slip backwards."

It's been written before, but as a refresher course, Sims undertook a combination of proper diet and a strenuous workout regime to shed the unwanted tonnage. 

"I eat three meals a day and don't snack much. I drink a lot of water," he continued. "Eating right and then going through Coach (Paul) Jackson's workouts, you don't have a choice but to lose weight. But I can't stop. I feel good where I am with my weight right now because my strength levels are way up but my movement is so much better as well as my endurance, but I have to keep pushing. I know there is more I can do."

Sims will be a big part of what will be a relatively young, but hopefully effective, Rebel offensive line, but from some outside analysts, the concern is that they did not get to work together at all as a unit in spring training due to injuries to a couple of the key cogs. In other words, no chemistry was formed in spring, which is a prime time for such important elements.

Sims is not worried, not in the least.

"I am very confident we are going to gel. We have been working out together all summer building that bond and trust. We even hang out together, me and Javon (Patterson) and Sean (Rawlings) and Alex (Givens)," he stated. "Even though we are young, we are going to have great chemistry because we know and trust each other. We know we have each other's backs.

"I think it's very realistic we can gel before the opener because in fall camp we are going to be spending a lot of time together getting it right. We want to do it, we are all willing to put in the time and effort and we know we can get this done. We are not going to be the weak link, as some are calling us, on this team."

Jordan said even though the OL is packed with players who are young, they do have some game experience.

"We've seen a lot and been through more than people realize. I'm not saying there isn't more to see and learn and experience, but it's not like we haven't played at all. Sean and Javon did great last year for their first times playing. I was proud of what I did. I think Alex or Greg Little or Rod (Taylor) whoever we put in there will do fine too. I have confidence in all three of them. They are all great athletes," he explained. "We think we are going to have a great year. Robert (Conyers) is going to be our leader and we trust him to lead the way."

Sims' personal confidence is legit.

His confidence in the OL? It's a work in progress, but it has the markings to be just fine.

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