Ken Webster

Corners are confident as 2016 approaches, says Webster

With all the cornerbacks returning, junior starter Kendarius Webster has a new number (5 instead of 15) and a new outlook for the "Jack Boys."

With Tony Bridges, Carlos Davis, Kailo Moore, Cam Ordway and Jalen Julius all returning to the "scene of the crime" at corner from a year ago, junior Kendarious Webster has confidence the Rebel cornerbacks are going to up their game this year.

"We are calling ourselves the Jack Boys," said Webster. "It means we are going to jack (steal) anything that's in the air. It's ours. I feel we have to take on that type of confidence. Tony and I got a lot of experience last year and I believe we are ready to have big years along with Carlos and Kailo and all the Jack Boys.

"You have to have a fearless mindset out there because you are going to be on an island most of the time by yourself. You have to be confident, almost cocky, to survive out there."

Webster has done the work to get himself prepared for the rigors of the 2016 season by putting on some good weight while maintaining his speed.

"I started here around 170 pounds. Now, I am 190 and I am still running in the 4.4s," he said. "I can be more physical with receivers and in run support."

Ken even looks more ominous with a shaved heard and a beard, but there's way more to honing his craft than the physical part. Where the real confidence for Webster comes in is with his knowledge.

"I know the defense so much better now. I know where my help is. I know what the other corner is doing. I know where my safeties are supposed to be and where that help is coming from. I know where the strengths of the defense are and when I can jump a route," he stated. "I feel I am ready to take things to another level. It's not just the 10-12 pounds I put on this summer, it's the mental confidence as well."

His thoughts on the overall defense are also pretty brash.

"Our defensive front is one of the best in the country. They are going to force the issue and cause opposing quarterbacks to make hurried throws and hurried throws are there for the taking by the Jack Boys," he smiled. "I love having Tony )Conner) back - he's one of the best players in the country, and I have faith in our linebackers. Our safeties are new, but they are smart and athletic. I think we will be fine there. The corners will have the experience on the back end so we will help the safeties with the communication part until they get everything up to speed."

"Overall, I think we have a chance to be a very good defense. We will have a lot of tough tests with the schedule we play, but we are all excited about the challenge."

If the defense is going to thrive, the Jack Boys will have to be a big part of the equation.

Webster believes with all his heart they are up to the task.

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