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Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze met the media to update practice and more Friday afternoon

Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze met the media Friday afternoon to discuss injuries, the latest NCAA news and more.

On the status of senior OL Jeremy Liggins:

We’ll work him back in for sure. I think the plan we have him on, we’re still probably a couple of weeks out before he’ll finish up his time and the things we’ve asked him to do to regain full membership to the team. He will not play against Florida State but hope to have him back soon. As long as everything keeps progressing like it is, we’ll have him back shortly after that.

On the status of freshman DE Charles Wiley:

“Same thing I’ve always said. He’s not going to play in a game until that is cleared up.”

On the injury status of junior WR Markell Pack:

“Looked good yesterday. We’ll see today. We went two hard days and backed off yesterday, and that was his first day back. We’ll know more today. But looked pretty good. It’ll be painful initially, but I think he can do it.”

On the injury status of freshman DB Deontay Anderson: 

“I think he’s supposed to be out here with us today, too. This will be his first day back. He ran yesterday, but he’s back out today. He’ll probably be in a green (non-contact) jersey because they want to make sure everything gets set right. But I anticipate him going full next week.”

On the jumbo role, who might fill Robert Nkemdiche’s place:

“I don’t know if that’s something we’re going to do or not. We’ll kind of see early on how we’re doing with our short yardage stuff. We’re confident. We have bigger backs. We’ll work hard on our plan, and we think our quarterbacks can run. All of them. Not say we won’t do it, but don’t know.”

On if tackling has improved:

“It’s hard to tell because we go very little live anymore. We go about 10 minutes, but we want to get them as healthy as we can to the game, so it’s kind of hard to tell. I think once you get into a game-planning situation, hopefully that will help us. You talk about tendencies and certain things we’re going to run, you’re not trying to do everything that you may be trying to do within the course of a normal scrimmage. Hopefully that will help and give us more confidence.”

On the injury status of senior DE Fadol Brown:

“He’s at that right now. It’s out of town. It’s in Texas. I think he should arrive back tomorrow. They believe within a couple of days you’ll know whether it’s going to be helpful or not. The structure (of the foot)  is fine. We trust the doctors that have done it; they do these all the time. Now it’s just a matter of can he play with whatever pain there is.”

Did he re-aggrevate his foot injury?

“It’s been two surgeries. I’m not a doctor, so I probably don’t need to go there, but it’s the same injury.”

On the offensive line rotation:

“Ten. I think you’ll see 10 in the first game.”

Less missed assignments for the safeties over the last week?

“Last weekend, I’m not sure there was a lot of missed assignments by those guys. It was probably more we didn’t fit things properly and we didn’t tackle well. The not tackling well is the scariest thing because of who we’re facing early on. Usually you have a game or two, maybe, that you get to (tackle) and get some practice. We get to warm up with one of the best I’ve seen.”

On the recent NCAA news:

“I think this has become the norm around here, and I’m just kind of numb to it. It actually just makes us stronger. You’d have to ask whoever wrote the article and those sources. I know, from our end, we protect what’s going on in (the investigation). I would hope that the same is for everyone involved. But that was total ... I had no idea. Don’t know if it’s true or not. I have no idea.”

Frustrating to you at all?

“We’re ready to get to the end of it. You could say that.”


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