Ken Webster

The 'old' Kendarius Webster was real good; the new one is even better

Ole Miss junior Cornerback Kendarius Webster did stellar work in 2015, starting all 13 games for the 10-3 Rebels, but he is looking for, and expecting, more - maybe much more - in 2016.

Ken Webster doesn't even resemble the Ken Webster of a year ago.

He has created a better version of himself, and there was really nothing wrong with the "old" one.

He has shaved his head and grown a beard, giving him a menacing look, much like Leornard Fournette of LSU.

He has added about 15 pounds of quality weight and looks rocked up now versus a little on the wispy side a year ago. 

He claims he has improved his cornerback techniques, a claim backed up by his coach, Jason Jones.

But even more important for the soft-spoken Webster is something not visible to the naked eye. He says he has become a student of the game.

"I'm a different player. I understood the areas I needed to improve in and I feel I have done that," said Webster. "I spent a lot more time in the film room and working on my technique. So did everyone in the secondary and I think we have gotten better as individuals and as a whole."

Kendarius played around at around 175 pounds a year ago. Now, he's almost 190, 189 to be exact, and he can tell the difference.

"We have some big, strong receivers like Damore'ea (Stringfellow) and the freshmen (A.J.) Brown and (D.K.) Metcalf. When they try to get a push off I am able to maintain my leverage and balance this year and stay where I am supposed to be," he stated. "That wasn't always the case last year against some of bigger receivers we faced. I am not only bigger, I am stronger."

Webster will start on one side and senior Tony Bridges, who also started last year, will start on the other side at the other corner slot. With two new starters at the safety slots, their experience will be critical, particularly in the tough September facing the Rebels.

"We know the defense inside and out and will be able to give our safeties some help if they need it, but they have communicated real well. They are smart guys who want to do well, but if they miss something, Tony and I can correct it because of our knowledge and experience," Ken noted. "Last year, we had some busts, but we played pretty good overall. Sometimes, offenses just make the right calls and you give up a play here and there. We feel we can do even better this year as a unit."

As August camp has progressed, Webster believes the secondary has improved.

"The offense was moving pretty fast and we had to adjust some to some new players and to the speed that they were going. We had some busts and missed assignments. Sometimes our fits would be off, but it's come around here lately and I feel good about where we are now heading into game week," he explained. "Also, we have been trying to get a lot of guys reps in fall camp and that has caused some issues as well."

And what of the "other" corners - Carlos Davis, Kailo Moore, Jalen Julius, Cam Ordway and true frosh Jaylon Jones?

"I am impressed with all of them. They all have their strengths and they all work hard to improve what they need to work on. I think the future looks real good at corner for us," he explained.

First up is Florida State with big time Running Back Dalvin Cook, who rushed for nearly 1,700 yards and 19 TDs a year ago while averaging 7.4 yards a carry - priority number one for any opposing defense.

"We will have to get 11 hats to the ball. He's a great back. We will have our hands full, but if we swarm the ball, like I know we can, we will be alright," he closed.

The first time you see the "new" Ken Webster, you will probably do a double take.

Don't pinch yourself - he's real and, the thought now is better than ever.

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