Quincy Adeboyejo

Adeboyejo is a senior now and with that comes responsibility

Senior Ole Miss WR Quincy Adeboyejo has been a stellar performer for the Rebels for a long time. The 2016 season will not change that, but what is changing is Adeboyejo's role as a positional and team leader as the "oldest guy in the wide receiver room."

"Ever since I have been here," Adeboyejo said, "the older guys took on leadership roles naturally when it was their turn. It's my turn as the oldest guy in my room.

"What I have tried to do is work with those young guys on what it takes to play as a freshman. I didn't play a lot as a freshman, but I recall what I could have done to have played more if someone had given me that type of advice and that's what I am trying to do with our newcomers. I am trying to instill all those things - study in the film room hard, learn your plays and some of the basics that should come naturally, but sometimes don't when you are a freshman and don't understand the work load on this level."

So far, Adeboyejo is real pleased with the progress of true frosh A.J. Brown, D.K.Metcalf and Tre Nixon.

"As a group, they look better, more prepared, to play than any freshman group since I have been here," he continued. "Their size is definitely there. They have definitely got the talent. The only thing holding them back right now is an intricate knowledge of the plays, but they get better daily with that."

Quincy Adeboyejo

Adeboyejo was tied for second on the team with TE Evan Engram with 38 catches a year ago good for 604 yards. Gone are a team-leading 82 catches by first-round draft pick Laquon Treadwell and 37 receptions by Cody Core, also finding a home in the NFL. Quincy has prepared himself to add a lot of those catches to his arsenal.

"I feel great. I worked really hard to do all I can for the team. I feel really comfortable in the system and in where my game is," he stated. "I didn't gain much weight, but I got a lot stronger and I'm almost 200 pounds now. I feel more physical and believe I can do a good job not only catching the ball but blocking as well. We don't just run around a catch passes - we have to make solid blocks on just about every run play."

"Coach (Grant) Heard demands that we block effectively if we are going to play and I believe I have helped my game a lot with improved blocking."

Quincy believes the Rebel receiving corps can go "10 deep" and not miss much of a beat, and that's not counting a talented tight end position that can also stretch the field.

"I have been really surprised and impressed with Van Jefferson since the first day of spring. He has come a long, long way and he worked hard to get where he is now," Adeboyejo added. "With him and me and (Damore'ea) Stringfellow and Markell Pack and Derrick Jonesand (DeMarkus) Lodge and the freshmen we have, man, we can go 10 deep and not miss a beat.

"We push each other. It brings the best out in all of us because we compete against each other every day. It has made us all better."

Adeboyejo has a great deal of respect for the Florida State secondary because of their talent and chemistry.

"They have a lot of ability but what is impressive is how they play in sync. They play together as a unit and they have a really fast and physical safety in Derwin James. We feel we can win some one-on-ones against anyone, but FSU is very good in the secondary," Quincy noted. 'We can't wait to play. This should be a classic game between two powerful teams. Whoever wins this game will have a lot of momentum and a leg up on the rest of the year. We are confident but we know we will have our hands full."

Quincy Adeboyejo was once a wide-eyed freshman.

He's now the leader of the wide receiver pack.

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