Ole Miss center Robert Conyers believes the Rebel offensive line is where it needs to be heading into 2016 season

Ole Miss center Robert Conyers likes what he's seeing from the Rebel offensive line. But the real test comes Monday against Florida State to kick off the 2016 season

On Florida State’s defensive line

“They’re big and athletic. Nothing we haven’t seen before. Especially in this league, but they’re gonna be ready to play and we got to be ready to play.”

On the Ole Miss offensive line gelling together from the beginning of fall camp to game week

“I think more than ever we’re playing as a five-man unit, and we never have since I’ve been here. Every one of the guys in there that’s in the rotation wants to play for each other. Everybody’s going all out just for each other, more than it’s ever been, regardless of talent.”

Difference in the offensive line’s dynamic without Fahn Cooper and Laremy Tunsil

“No question that those guys really gelled in the offensive line and wanted to play and they were really talented players. It’s just more this year, all five guys are always going and working out together. Doing everything together. I just feel like it’s more gelled than it’s ever been.”

On whether the line will progressively improve as the season goes on or start the season at full potential 

“I think if we go play like we’re capable of playing, we can start it right out the gate as good as we can be.”

On being a leader in the eyes of Hugh Freeze

“It’s a big honor for the head coach to think I’m a leader of that group. I’ve been here for a long time and I’ve seen a lot of guys come and go, and we’ve come a long way especially with the ethic of the group. I think I’m ready to go out there and play hard and I think those guys are going to follow.”

On the development of Rod Taylor

“I think he’s come a long way in the sense of listening to people that are trying to give him advice on certain things, and he’s taken it to heart. When he’s got to actually go work on it in practice you can see sparks in him trying to work and be coached. That’s one of the most athletic kids on the team, just for how big he is and I think he has great opportunity to play really well for us this year.”

Newcomers that he’s excited to play alongside 

“Alex Givens. I felt like he started slow in his freshman season and then this spring he really stepped up. He’s worked really hard and some sparks of some really good things in fall camp. He’s really athletic and he’s really tall. Long. He’s getting a lot better.”

Sean Rawlings progression from his freshman year to this fall

“He’s matured a lot more. He doesn’t look as nervous out there. He looks a lot more confident in what he’s doing, and I think he’s a lot smarter than he was last year. Especially with the calls and being comfortable with the guys out there.”

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