Ole Miss tight end Evan Engram is tired of waiting for the Rebels' season opener against Florida State

Ole Miss TE Evan Engram is excited for Ole Miss' season opener on Monday night.

Ole Miss tight end Evan Engram can’t wait for Ole Miss to kick off the 2016 football season against Florida State.

“I've been dreaming about making plays all offseason," Engram said. "Trying to visualize that night, how it’s going to be, the atmosphere, the feel. Even the uniforms that we’re wearing to the T. I’m just so ready. I can’t wait.”

Engram enters the game  set for a 7 p.m. CT ESPN kick in Orlando, Fla., Monday night  as one of the top players in the nation at his position, and will draw much attention from the Seminole defense. With higher expectations for his senior season, Engram made it a point this offseason to improve his chemistry with Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly.

“In camp, we were trying to click and even in the offseason we were working," Engram said. "So it’s definitely a lot better.”

“It’s improved dramatically," Kelly said. "Knowing we had to get him more involved last year in the offense and now coming together with a whole offseason and really working hard together. I think we have a good chemistry going, and we have to make sure we keep it going.”

That chemistry will be put to the test by a FSU secondary that Engram calls "athletic," and one he says the Rebels aren’t too familiar with.

“They like to send pressure and play man up and I haven’t really seen that against us," Engram said. A lot of teams like to play conservative against our receivers and our passing game. It’s going to be kind of interesting to see how they come out and approach us.”

For a full breakdown with Engram, make sure to watch the corresponding video above.


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