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For the Rebel coordinators, it was win on a short week

Dan Werner and Dave Wommack got what they wanted, almost, out of the Wofford game, a 38-13 easy Rebel victory. The 'almost,' unfortunately, was to be injury-free, but freshman WR D.K. Metcalf could be lost for the year and DE Victor Evans may have to go through concussion protocol.

Besides two more injuries, on on each side the ball, the Ole Miss coordinators were OK with the Rebel performance against tough-to-prepare-for Wofford, a 38-13 Ole Miss win.

"This on was crazy to get ready for," said Defensive Coordinator Dave Wommack. "We got no sleep Monday night and then had three practice sessions to get ready for an offense you may see once every two or three years, the triple option.

"While we had the edge in talent, those guys know what they are doing with that offense and it does present problems. I thought our kids handled it well. We controlled it OK and we got to play a bunch of guys."

Dave said he went into the game with a simple gameplan.

"I only had two coverages in for the game and only used one of them except for three snaps," he continued. "It is difficult to play a team like that between two really big games. One, the kids are thinking a little about Florida State and a lot about Alabama, that is human nature, and two, they are good at the option game - that's how they make their living."

Dave was pleased with the way his troops responded, for the most part.

"Our defensive line played very disciplined football and did a nice job for the bulk of the game," he continued. "Wofford reads your guys and reacts off your movement and they do a nice job with it. Our guys filling in the gaps and lanes did a good job. We gave up some plays, but for the most part, we controlled them about as well as I was anticipating."

Wommack was asked about MLB Willie Hibbler and Rover Deontay Anderson, who had four and seven tackles respectively.

"I got Willie in really early and I was impressed with the plays he made. I will have to look at the film to see how sound he was with his assignments, but he was very active and I like that," Dave noted. "Deontay is going to play a big role for us. He did a nice job on play action one time and came up and was physical."

Dave had little else to say about Wofford, his attention turning quickly to Alabama.

"They seem more two-dimensional this year on offense. They have a lot of speed and their new quarterback seems dangerous," Dave closed. "We've got to come up with a good plan, execute and play as hard as we can for 60 minutes. I know those things are all obvious, but that's what it comes down to.

"We will have our hands full, no doubt."

OC Dan Werner was pleased with the Rebs' early output while in tempo, but then they slowed things down and their production leveled out.

"The first five drives, we had four TDs and a field goal, but then we slowed it down and got a little sloppy," Dan said. "That's just not our game. We like to go fast."

Jason Pellerin got a chance to play some and he produced, running 27 yards and a score and passing for a TD to freshman A.J. Brown.

"Jason did a good job. He made some good reads, he made a couple of nice runs and he showed what I was hoping to see - a guy who can go in and get the job done," he stated. "The only bad thing so far has been the injury to D.K. Metcalf. He had gotten to be a real threat in the Red Zone. We won't change what we do - someone else will have to emerge, but we sure did like throwing it up for him to go get."

Werner was determined to run the ball more against the Terriers. The Rebels gained 176 yards on 34 carries against mostly a seven-man front and sometimes eight in the box.

"With seven in the box, we throw. They were set up to stop the run, so we threw, but after a while, we were determined to run the ball regardless and we did. We finally loosened them up. We could have thrown it a lot more, but we wanted to run even if we got stuffed a few times against a scheme set up to stop the run," he allowed. "There were several times today that we didn't allow a throw or a check.

"We obviously miss Jordan Wilkins and Eric Swinney, and we have had to change our plays a little, but we are still going to run our offense. We have faith in our available backs."

Up front, Werner feels pretty good about the OL.

"We've moved the ball against both teams we have played, so I feel good about that. We had some things to clean up against Florida State, some pressure things, but we have addressed those things and feel good we are going in the right direction." Werner stated.. 

Werner knows he will be facing a different breed this weekend against Alabama, but he's ready for the challenge.

"We are going to start on them in the morning. It's a big game for us and them. We like the challenge," he closed.

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