George County athlete will be in Oxford this weekend

Tyrese Fryfogle out of George County is on a record pace this season. The 6-foot-2 1/2, 204-pound receiver has caught 33 passes for 631 yards and six touchdowns through four games.

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"I got a lot bigger, stronger and faster during the offseason," Fryfogle said. "It's paying off. This summer our coaches started designing a lot more plays to me compared to last season. That has helped me out a lot too. We are throwing the ball way more than last year too."

This past offseason there were countless daily hours that were spent in the weight room and on the football field.

"I gained 15 pounds during the offseason. I went from 190 to 204 pounds. I also grew another inch to 6-foot-2 1/2. I'm trying to get to 6-foot-3 (laugh). My bench press increased 35 pounds. My squat increased 40 pounds. And the biggest difference is my speed. I was running in the high 4.7's last year and now I'm running in the low 4.5's. I'm getting better separation."

It doesn't take long watching Tyrese's film that he uses his 38" vertical to his advantage.

"That's what I do. I go up and get the ball. I try and be like D.K. Metcalf out there. When they throw that thing up, I use my body and God given ability to go up and get the ball."

Fryfogle can also do a lot of damage in the defensive backfield.

"I have been playing cornerback some. We have not been playing the teams with a good passing game so I haven't played a lot on defense, yet, but Division play starts soon. I'll be playing a lot of defensive back when Division play starts. That starts in two weeks. I feel like I'm a physical defensive back who can stay with the receivers and come up and support the run game as well. I have a good understanding of the passing defense from playing receiver my whole life. It's not real complicated to me. It comes naturally for me."

This week George County has a bye and Tyrese will be spending the weekend in Oxford.

"I can't wait for the game. My family is coming with me. You know my dad is really excited. Things have been going really well with Ole Miss lately. They are ready for me to come join the family. They think I will fit right in. I've been watching their games. I love how they are playing their young receivers in D.K. and A.J. Brown. They think I attack the ball like they do. It's a great situation for me."

"I just like how they spread the ball around a lot. They like how their freshmen receivers came in and made an impact. It seems like a great atmosphere. I'm ready to get up there this weekend. I want to see how the atmosphere is up there for the Alabama game. I'm probably going to announce where I'm going at our homecoming parade."

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