Ole Miss defensive end commit Bryan Jones sees path to playing time

Bryan Jones out of Baton Rouge, LA., arrived in Oxford Saturday to catch his first Ole Miss football game. He left with a good taste in his mouth.

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"I'll put it like this," Jones said. "I didn't want to go back home after my visit was over. It was just so intense. I was just envisioning myself playing in the game when things were going the wrong way. Everybody was still up. The players, coaches and fans. Nobody quit. There was no sadness. They were just determined to get back in the game, and they almost did with three minutes left. That impressed me more than anything about my trip. They never gave up. They kept fighting. Everybody wants to play for a team that never gives up. I can honestly say that Ole Miss has no quit in them."

Scout's No. 31 rated defensive end is ready to get back to Oxford as soon he can.

"I'm coming back for another game for sure. I'm going to try and come back to as many games as I can. I love watching Ole Miss play. I love their style of play. I love the fans. They are so loud and stay loud the whole game. I love the Grove. I love the new additions to the stadium. I just love everything about the game day atmosphere at Ole Miss. I'm 100% Ole Miss."

The Rebels had trouble holding outside containment against the Tide's running game. Jones, who is a pass rushing specialist, sees an opportunity to jump right into the mix and make a difference for the Rebels.

"After watching that game I know I can help them out by rushing the edge and holding the outside lines. I play a lot like Marquis Haynes. Their quarterback had a lot of time on his hands. They kept rushing to the outside lanes. I was wanting so badly to go put on my gear and help them out. I know I can help them get to the quarterback, keep containment on the outside and attack the screens. Ole Miss has a great team and should have won. The one thing that I saw they needed more bodies on the edge and that's what I bring to the table. It's a perfect fit for me."

Bryan saw many positives with Ole Miss' defensive linemen.

"My favorite players were D.J. Jones, Marquis Haynes and Breeland Speaks. Those guys are ballers. They played great against the best team in the country. They are great tacklers. They are just a couple players short. They just need a couple players to sub in for them to give them a chance to get their legs back under them. I think Ole Miss is going to be competing for National Championships while I'm in school. All the pieces are in place. They just need a couple more players."

The 6-foot-5, 260-pound defensive end got a chance to see the Ole Miss coaches at work.

"I got to see coaches Kiffin, Heard, and Freeze motivate their team before the game. I listened to what they were telling their players. It got me fired up just listening to what they had to say. They are great motivators. I'm really close with their staff. I'm just glad I could finally get over there to see them during a game. I can't wait to get back."

The bond that Bryan has built with the Ole Miss staff is what won him over to make a commitment back in the spring.

"I talk to coaches Kiffin and Heard at least every other day. I'll give them a call and they always answer. We talk about life mostly. They are always there when I need them. They give me tips on how to face diffierent obstacles that come my way. That means a lot to me because it shows me they really care about me."

That bond is what kept Ole Miss as the school to beat despite him taking in some summer football camps which netted him offers from programs like Florida, Georgia., Arkansas, Georgia, Texas A&M, Miami, FSU and others.

"I just have a great relationship with the Ole Miss coaches. Everytime I visited another school the Ole Miss coaches were still the same people. They didn't question why I was camping at those schools. They know I'm 100% committed to them. They could have started questioning my commitment to them but they never brought it up once. They just kept treating me like family. That's why Ole Miss is my school. It's home away from home."

Bryan has already started developing a good bond with the other players who are committed to Ole Miss in the 2016 class.

"Oh, I keep up with all of them. Me and Josh Clarke stay in touch with all of them. Willie Gay and I talk everyday on social media. Ben Brown too. They are all my boys. Now we are trying to reach out to LaBryan Ray. I just want him to come join us and give us the bookends we need. We get LaBryan and watch out."

Yancy Porter is the recruiting analyst for the Ole Miss Spirit and he can be reached at yporter@scout.com

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