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Rawlings sees weekly progress from relatively young offensive line

Even though he's just a sophomore, Ole Miss Right Tackle/Center Sean Rawlings - along with fellow sophs Javon Patterson and Jordan Sims - are some of the leaders in the offensive line room and as such, he likes the direction the Rebel OL has taken in the first four games.

Sean Rawlings said he was not surprised the way the Rebels played in their one-sided 45-14 win over No. 11- ranked Georgia because they had bad feelings to shed.

"We were ready to play. We had sick feelings in our stomachs from those two losses (Florida State and Alabama). We stressed all week having high energy and giving great effort," he explained. "We were just not going to be denied and you could see that energy for all four quarters. It was obvious. The Alabama game hurt, it hurt badly. It affected our season goals, but we knew we had to move on from that and we did.

"I was proud of the way we kept our heads up and came out strong against a very good Georgia team."

Rawlings likes where the Reb offensive line is right now. 

"We are doing well, but we can do more. We are getting this thing rolling now. I like the way we are communicating and I like the way we are coming together as a unit," he said. "Things are slowing down for all of us and that's a good sign. At the end of last year, things started slowing down for me, but this year we are seeing more and more each game. It's all about experience and we are getting it now.

"Like I said, we are pleased with where we are, but we all know there's more to do and improvement to make, so that's exciting. We just go out there every day and work hard toward that goal."

Sedan also likes the way the depth up front is developing, most notably his backup, Alex Givens.

"He's doing great. He's going to be a heckuva player. He got more snaps than I did against Georgia at right tackle while I was resting or relieving Robert (Conyers) at center and experience is all he needs," Rawlings praised the redshirt freshman. "He's going to be so good and the same goes for Greg (Little). We have a good rotation going now with Daronte (Bouldin) and Alex and Greg."

Sean worked hard in the offseason on his mobility and his strength and he can tell a difference in both areas.

"I worked hard on getting my hips opened up more and being more flexible and mobile. Of course, we are always working on strength," Sean assessed. "I had a little speed bump with a torn ligament in my wrist, but I came back from that, no big deal. It's so important to be able to change directions and keep your hips open.

"I did stretching exercises I had never done before and they have paid off."

Now, the challenge is Memphis, a team that also derailed the Rebs a year ago.

"We got off to a good start, but then we quit executing the way we should. Our focus this week has to be to keep the energy level we had against Georgia and execute for four quarters," Sean said.

So while the OL is improving, there are still lessons to be learned and hills to climb.

"We learned from our two losses that we have to finish. We have to play four quarters of relentless football, just like our coaches have been telling us all along," he closed. "It was a tough lesson to learn the way we did, but it got our attention. I think we will execute for four quarters from this point on. We will keep progressing, I believe.

"We learned in our losses and we can learn in our wins. That's what we intend to do."


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