Dave Wommack

Wommack's desire for the Reb defense is simple – improve

Dave Wommack popped on the film of the Georgia game and saw a lot of improvement over the Alabama game the week before, but what he said after the contest with the Bulldogs - "we did better, but we are not where we want to be yet" - still stands.

"We did a lot of things better against Georgia. In fact, we did a lot of great things, but we can get better," he said. "We all have to take responsibility to keep getting better at the little things. We talk about it every week - putting out eyes in the right place, fitting things better and more consistently, taking care of our alignments and assignments the way they are coached, all those things.

"The first half, we played the run game well, but after we got to some of our threes, we didn't do a very good job and I want to see those guys produce too."

Dave's troops have another stiff challenge this week with the Memphis Tiger offense, a unit that, despite not playing great competition yet, is still scoring at a high clip, including over 70 points against Bowling Green just last week.

After Paxton Lynch lit the Rebels up last year and then bolted to the NFL Denver Broncos, the helm of the Tiger offense is being manned by JUCO transfer Riley Ferguson, who was a Tennessee signee out of high school.

"Their first three games, he hasn't really been tested, but he looks a lot more polished now than he did in his first game," Wommack assessed. "He has gotten better each week. He really looked sharp against Bowling Green.

"Ferguson has a really strong arm and it looks as if he has command of what Memphis is trying to do offensively. I can't say he is Lynch yet,but he's doing a lot of good things."

Dave said Memphis, despite a change in their coaching staff, is doing a lot of the same things on offense they did last year.

"They are very similar,but there are a lot more motions and gimmick plays than they had last year," he said. "They have really good skill players, like they did last year, and they are a very confident group in the wide receiver/quarterback/tight end/running back areas right now. They feel good about themselves and they should."

Wommack doesn't have a large sample size of the Memphis offense yet based on who they have played and how long the starters have been in the three games.

"They had about 55 plays the first game, a few more against Kansas in the second game and only a half against Bowling Green. They didn't have to show a lot to beat all those teams, so what we are going on is sparse," he commented.

Wommack played a lot of players against Georgia, even in the early going when the game was in doubt. Did anyone shine?

"Detric (Bing-Dukles) did a nice job in his first start. He earned a start and made the most of it with eight or nine tackles, including the first tackle of the game," Dave continued. "Ray Ray Smith did a few nice things at outside linebacker. Ross Donelly looked good when he got in there at DT and I thought our secondary, overall, did better.

"We are playing corner by committee right now. Ken Webster was a difference-maker, but we don't have him now so we have to do what we can to get kids to take up the slack. For now, that means playing a lot of them, by committee, and seeing who surfaces and produces."

Wommack's goals remain the same, and consistent: get better.

Next up: Memphis.


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