Colorado native has SEC flavor for top schools

Noah Ellis out of Highlands Ranch, Colo., is well into his senior season. The 6-foot-4, 325-pound defensive tackle knows that he'll have make a decision where he's going to spend the next four years of his football career sooner rather than later. Where will's No. 259 overall prospect end up?

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"I know four official visits I will take for sure," Ellis said. "The fifth one is still up in the air. "I'll definitely visit Alabama, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and Nebraska. The last one will probably be Southern Cal or UCLA. I still have not made up my mind about that last visit."

Noah's father also played college ball and knows several of the coaches around the SEC.

"I know some of the SEC coaches through my family. They are close to us. We also have some family members that are Ole Miss people who live in Mississippi. That's why I know so much about the SEC schools."

Scout's No.16 rated defensive tackle prospect has gotten to know the Ole Miss staff as well.

"I talk to coach (Chris) Kiffin every week. I really like him. I like what he'd done there at Ole Miss. I like what kind of person he is. I just like the whole Landshark program. They want to use me in the three technique and then put me in on some offensive goal line formations. I like the way their defense flies around and makes plays. I think it would be a blast playing in their defense."

Ellis has been keeping a close eye on the Rebels.

"I just like how they are a very good football team. They played Alabama down to the wire and beat them the past two years. When they faced off it showed me how great those two teams are. That's the two schools I'm following the closest right now. Both teams got down and wouldn't quit. I think I could fit in with either team."

Alabama has been keeping close tabs as well.

"I talk to coach Dumbar weekly too. He tells me how he wants me to play for them. Coach Saban also thinks I'll be a great fit for their defense. We talk a lot too. Coach Saban is always telling me how I would become a great defense in their program. I'm going to try and go to a game of Alabama's and Ole Miss' before the season is over."

The Tide's staff has also caught Noah's eye.

"I just notice how they always have a great team. I like their coaches because they demand they be their best. They want full effort with everything they do."

Another place he would like to visit has a familiar coach on their team.

"My father was coached by the Mississippi State defensive line coach (Brian Baker). My father tells me it would be a good opportunity to be coached by someone we know."

Decision time will come after his senior season is over.

"I'm going to go to some football games, take some official visits, and decide when I'm done with that process. I have not even started taking my visits yet. It's just around the corner, but I'm trying to not think about it until my season is over."

Ellis feels like his game has taken another level this season.

"I have gotten a lot stronger. Way stronger than I was last year. My technique has improved a lot. I'm shedding off blocks a lot better. I'm getting doubled and tripled teamed almost every play so it was important I worked on that. They are moving me to some defensive end some to get me isolated. I've been making a lot of plays. It's been fun."

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