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Head coach Hugh Freeze and select players met the media following Ole Miss' win over Memphis

Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze and select players met the media Saturday night following the Rebels' 48-28 win over Memphis.

Head coach Hugh Freeze

Opening statement: “I’m really happy to get this one over with. They are a very dangerous football team, and they are going to win a lot of football games. They are very talented. I couldn’t really tell coming into it a lot about them just because they haven’t been stressed at all. And they have been very vanilla in what they have done. They weren’t vanilla in what they did tonight offensively. I thought their quarterback is a competitive guy that keeps plays alive that hurt us at times. I give credit to our guys. We have had a very emotional September. And for us to come out and take care of business tonight against another undefeated team, I am real pleased. I thought our defense created turnovers, which was great for us. We still have a lot of improving to do on that side of the ball, particularly at linebacker. But offensively, we answered when we needed to. We had two drives that we messed up. Jason (Pellerin) has to learn how to speak up. We made a bad call on another one. Chad (Kelly) made a poor decision down there. Outside of that, I thought we were efficient for most of the night. We were very balanced for most of the night, which makes us very good.” On RB Eugene Brazely: “We worked really hard on a plan to rush the ball against these guys. They do a lot of different stuff. You can always be one play behind these guys because of how multiple they are in what they do. We worked very hard on a check system that would get us hopefully into the soundest play against them. What we ended up getting, Eugene is a little better at, is that he is a little more patient and has a little bit more of a burst once he hits that crease. I’m excited for him. He’s a great guy and he’s waited his turn. D'Vaughn Pennamon got hut in practice this week. It was great to see he and Judd both had good games. Judd needs to learn to finish some of those runs to get into the end zone and not put us in those tight red zone situations. He should have scored twice. He knows that. It’s tough to score when you get down there. I was pleased with our run game.” On Evan Engram’s success: “I really think, we all know and we have seen him, but I think it is the play of those other guys. Damore'ea Stringfellow, Quincy Adeboyejo, DaMarkus Lodge. What are you going to do? The only way you can bracket him is if you put a linebacker and safety inside out on him, but that means someone is one-on-one. The run game helps too. And give Evan some credit. He is very talented. That is why we are having such success in recruiting. We spread it around. That is one of the things that we show people. If you have better people around you or on the other side of the field or inside, you are going to get a lot more chances to get open. I think it is a combination of him being talented and our other guys playing well.” On how the balance of tonight’s game helped the offensive line play: “When we stay balanced, I think we are good. Balance and tempo are our linemen’s best friend. I think we were able to do both tonight when we wanted to. When we wanted to go fast, it was going to be hard for them to get to us. So that helps our offensive line. I thought we were physical at the point of attack. We had very few negative runs. That’s what they do. They are a pressure team that tries to create negative plays so that you get behind the chains. We were able to stay out of most of those.” 

QB Jason Pellerin

On his growing role in the offense: “During the game plan, I saw that we had a lot of my formations in there for short yardage and different situations. I knew going into this game that I had to be ready for it. Last night, just studying my tip sheets and everything. Had to be ready for it.” On the Ole Miss offensive line: “That’s credit to the offensive line. Their defense is really good. No. 6 for them (Genard Avery) is a monster. For our o-line to handle their d-line and linebackers like that, it’s all credit for them. They made my job easy today.” On how the team responded when Memphis got within six points: “I thought we responded pretty good. Obviously we’ve been in that situation multiple times. It’s nice to see that we didn’t get down on ourselves and we actually finished that, ‘cause there were a lot of guys on the sideline saying, ‘Get up. Let’s go. We’re built for this.’ It was great to finally finish and pull away from it.” On the bye week: “We’ve got a lot of guys who are nicked up and everything. This bye week is going to help us a lot.”

WR Van Jefferson

On the offense rolling up big numbers: “Going into it, we had a good game plan and stuff like that. We went tempo, tempo, tempo. That kind of got them on their feet a little bit. When we did that, we executed greatly.” On the offense responding once Memphis pulled within six: “Before we went out there Chad (Kelly) kind of got us composed and told us everything was going to be all right. So we went out there, executed the plays and Chad made the right decisions. On the confidence of the offense: “We’re all getting more comfortable with the offense, and the receivers are getting more comfortable with Chad. We’re doing a pretty good job with that.” On the bye week: “We still got three practices, so we’ve got to work hard in those and get ready for Arkansas. But this bye week is needed to rest and get back right.”

RB Eugene Brazley

On his game: “We game plan all week. I just thank my lineman and my coaches for calling the plays. I just got on a run and I just kept going from there.” On what such a performance means to him: “I just feel like it’s a blessing. Just being patient, being humble and praying up. God just delivered it for me, and I took off from there.” On his 30-plus-yard touchdown run on third-and-15: “It was great blocking. I was patient and read the hole. Once you see it, you’ve just got to hit it.” On the offense rolling up big numbers: “I always say we win the game during the week. We practice Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. That’s when we win the game, not just on Saturdays. Practice makes perfect.” On the bye week: “We took a lot of bruises. We had two disappointing losses. I think we’re a great team, but we’ve got to finish.” On the staff riding him as the hot hand: “That just comes with great play-calling. We run the plays all week. Coach Freeze got on me and Akeem Judd about reading (the hole). (Ole Miss RBs) Coach (Derrick) Nix as well. We practiced well, they called great plays and I got on a run.” On if the game can be a springboard for his season and career: “It’ll build my confidence. I’m not going to get big-headed. I’m going to stay humble and go to work. I always want to be unsatisfied. I always want to get more. I had 100 yards this game. I want to think about next (game) how I’m going to get 200 yards.”

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