Hugh Freeze

Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze says the Rebels are "tinkering" around at the linebacker spot

Full transcript of Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze before Tuesday's practice below.

Impressions of Memphis game after watching the film

"We just gave up explosive plays again. The games where we don't give those up we're pretty efficient in not letting teams score touchdowns. When you give up explosive plays they usually result in easier points. That's just what we've done. It's not just one position. Our eyes get bad on a double move, they catch us peeking in the backfield, our linebackers fit the wrong gaps or the quarterback made a good play and extended the coverage time from three seconds to six seconds. Fake punt. We knew one was coming in this game and we had two guys assigned to stay home and the kid did but he didn't make the play. That was at a critical moment. I think it was 27-7 at that moment and we were hoping to get the ball back and put the game away a lot quicker than we did. We didn't make those plays. A lot of good things offensively. Defensively we did cause pressure and create turnovers which is a big positive. We got to get better at individual technique at our positions."

What Eugene Brazley did to have a successful game against Memphis

"Eugene has been very patient. In today's time, no one really cares about the process anymore. Everybody just lives for a single event, which is a bad way to live in my opinion. He's a great testament of how you really handle the process because instant success happens for very few people. It takes some patience and a lot of work. Probably some failure along the way. It was great to see him get his opportunity. The line did block well and we had a good plan. Some of those blocking schemes that ended up being the best against that defense, he's really good at because he's patient and he can accelerate. That does a nice job of setting up the blocks at the second level. He really had a nice game."

Has the defense worked on forcing turnovers

"It has. The last two weeks we put an emphasis on getting the ball back and it was good to see a few of those."

Thoughts on Jaylon Jones and Jalen Julius so far

"I think they're going to be really good players. I think each are coming on. Jaylon Julius gave up a double move the other night. He was in great position and as soon as the guy makes the first move his eyes go to the backfield and all of the sudden you're beat. I think those two are gonna be two good corners for us for a long time."

What are some linebacker experiments the Rebels are trying

"It's really just moving people around. Seeing if Willie Hibbler can play the stinger position. Got to continue to bring Bing-Dukes along at mike. Hopefully, Gates will be ready to play in the next game. He's probably going to have to play some of the mike too. We're tinkering with Shawn Curtis and Temario Strong, wherever they might fit into. We're going to try several different things these next three days."

Where do Rommel Mageo and Detric Bing-Dukes have to improve

"Rommel didn't tackle well at all. He seems to not have a great understanding of gap assignment right now. Bing-Dukes played really good against Georgia. This was a different offense that caused him to have to leave the box a lot. That's really not his strength. We might have to tinker a little bit with some of the structure of the defense. Maybe play more to his strengths. Maybe he needs to flip from certain formations from being a mike to stinger. He didn't play to his strengths the other night."

What other mistakes are the linebackers making

"We didn't play to some of the strengths of Bing-Dukes. He played a lot of snaps. Probably too many. Our stinger position just didn't play well. It was very difficult for us to prepare for Memphis. They had been very vanilla. Just a lot of different looks they threw at us. We obviously didn't have our kids totally prepared for those things so they made some mistakes. Some they should've known. Some we probably needed to rep some more. It wasn't a lack of effort."

Ken Webster and Eric Swinney injury update

"I talked to Ken this weekend. Did not see Eric this weekend but Pat gave me an update and feels like everything is going well and they're both mentally strong and handling it well."

Whether Ole Miss expects to have Pennamon for Arkansas

"He's out today. I do expect to have him for Arkansas. It's a hamstring. Pat said he ran in the pool and did well yesterday. I think he's holding him out today in hopes he can maybe go by the end of the week, either tomorrow or Thursday. At worst case we think he'll give it a go at practice next week."

Pennamon's development

"Too early to tell. We haven't given him enough carries. I was real anxious, we had some things that we were planning to use him in the Memphis game for. We didn't get to see those. We need him. We're thin there. He's a physical downhill guy."

Update on Fadol Brown

"We're hopeful. The latest procedure they did, they felt like Arkansas week would be the week he should try it. So we're hopeful he'll try it next week."

Random Notes: 

* As we wrote last Tuesday when we highlighted DT D.J. Jones as the "Freak of the Week," borrowing a tag line from Tim Tebow of the SEC Network, this week is about WR Demore'ea Stringfellow, who S&C coach Paul Jackson tabbed number two of the Rebels in regards to being weight room "freaks." String is 6-2, 225 and he power cleans 340 pounds, squats 460 pounds, bench preses 340 pounds, vertical jumps 36 inches and broad jumps 10-6. Freakish!

* Sean Curtis, who came to Ole Miss as a middle linebacker but was switched to defensive end last spring, was working some Tuesday at MLB again. Expect to see DeMarquis Gates, Detric Bing-Dukes, Termario Strong and Curtis at MLB for now and Tayler Polk, who Dave Wommack said "graded very well against Memphis," Ray Ray Smith, Terry Caldwell and Willie Hibbler, who has been in the middle, to be the main guys at Stinger (OLB) for now.

* Freeze told his team that if they defeated Memphis, Tuesday's (today's) practice would be limited to 14 periods, or one hour and 10 minutes. Normal Tuesday practice is 20=22 periods.

* Hugh said one area he is very pleased with is the offensive line's progress. "We are playing eight/nine kids a lot and all of them have contributed to our cause in a positive way," he said. "I have been very pleased with our rotation of Rod Taylor and Greg Little at left tackle; a three guard rotation of Javon Patterson, Jordan Sims and Daronte Bouldin; Robert Conyers and Sean Rawlings at center and Sean and Alex Givens, and some Jeremy Liggins, at right tackle and Jeremy a little at left too. We were able to run the ball against Memphis (44 passes and 44 runs) because they had five or six in the box and our RPO (run/pass option plays) dictated we run. That's the great thing about our offense - if the box is loaded, we can pass. If not, we can run and it's because of our offensive line's progress."

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