CB Chevin Calloway still committed to Iowa but looking around

Chevin Calloway out of Dallas, Texas., committed to Iowa in July after taking in a visit to the Hawkeyes but lately his recruitment seems to be headed in another direction. Scout's No.121 overall rated player has plans to take official visits to Arkansas and Ole Miss with a few more in mind.

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"We lost communication so I have opened things back up," Calloway said about his commitment to Iowa. "It's been hard to get in contact with them so I opened things back up. I'm still committed, but I'm definitely looking around."

The 4-Star cornerback still has not received a clear answer on why there has been a lack of communication since he committed back in July.

"When I committed the only person I've spoken to is coach (Levar) Woods, and he doesn't even coach my position. Coach Woods just recruits this area. The defensive back coach, coach (Phill) Parker, called me right after I committed and I've never heard from him again. I'm not a needy type of guy, but when I committed, I want to at least have some kind of communication. I want to feel like they are excited about me, but they want even answer me or my step dad's calls. He tried to get in touch with coach Parker to set up my official visit,and they said they would get back in contact and never did. When that happened we just decided to open my recruitment back up."

A few programs never lost contact with the 5-foot-10, 180-pound corner while he remained committed to Iowa.

"It was weird, to be honest. I have the head coaches at Arkansas and Ole Miss calling me weekly, and we can't even get my position coach at Iowa to get on the phone with me. A lot of the Iowa fans are mad at me for taking these visits, but they don't understand what is going on behind the scenes. I mean, I told coach Woods about the situation and week after week went by without ever hearing from them. How am I supposed to take that? Coach Woods said they couldn't read my mind but they still never got in contact with me. I don't know. You want to go where you feel wanted."

Ole Miss will receive an official visit from Chevin.

"I talk to them every week. I'm coming up there in January (28) for an official visit. We have a real close connection. They have a real strong faith in their program. I know their coaches have gotten a bad rap with this NCAA stuff, but they are really good people who are always honest with me. Coach Freeze is a great guy and loves his players. It's also a chance for me to play early because they need some more defensive backs. That's something I look at closely. We just have a good connection. They always check up on me and my family, and I can't wait to get up there."

Arkansas is another SEC program that will receive an official visit.

"I just like their coaches. I love what coach (Bret) Bielema does with his players on and off the field. They are very good at player development. Their strength coach is awesome and their alumni base provides great job opportunities. Scheme wise it fits in with what we do here and their defensive back coach has made a lot of defensive backs into big time players. Coach Bielema cares for his players. And what I've seen they definitely need some defensive backs. I'm not saying I'm going to go in there and start as a freshman, but I'll have a good chance to if I go to Arkansas. That's what has me so interested in Arkansas. I'm going to visit them when they play LSU."

Calloway took in his first official visit to Nebraska this past weekend.

"I didn't know much about Nebraska before I took my visit. My father told me all about their tradition. He told me how good they use to be. That's about all I knew until my teammate Damien Daniels started going up there a lot. He told me all about their place. He told me about the school and how it is up there. They do all kind of crazy things with their strength and conditioning program with science. They measure your body and movements so they can work on your weaknesses to make you a complete player. That really caught my attention. I went up there on my first visit last weekend and it was by far my best visit I've been on so far. When I got to the stadium I got to run through the tunnel with the team and that was really cool. The atmosphere was different than what it is like at Texas. That's where I kind of grew up going to games. It's just a really cool atmosphere. The only thing negative about Nebraska is that they have like ten cornerback's, and I don't want to sit around."

The home state school, Texas, is also in the picture.

"I just look at the long term when I look at Texas. The degree there means so much in our state. Texas has a lot of potential, and I feel like I could make a difference there. My family is from here, and again, my degree there means a lot in the state of Texas. But the thing is that I just don't know about Texas because coach Charlie Strong is on the hot seat. That's why they aren't as high on my list as some of the other schools."

California rounds out his group of wish list.

"They haven't always been there. They kind of laid off after I committed to Iowa until they heard I was looking around again. I'm not as close with their coaches as say Arkansas and Ole Miss but one of my teammates starts at cornerback for them. He tells me all about it. He tells me about their players and coaches and how good of a fit it would be for me. It's a great academic school, and that is really important to me. They want me to come up there for an official visit. Maybe I'll get up there. I don't know yet."

Chevin is known as a hard hitting cornerback but he believes he has a well rounded game.

"When people watch my tape they tell me that I run downhill and attack the running back. They always talk about how physical I play, but I believe my coverage skills are just as good. I like to play man, off man, and press. I can do it all. I've worked hard on my trait, but there is always room for improvement.

Yancy Porter is the recruiting analyst for the Ole Miss Spirit and he can be reached at yporter@scout.com

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