Chad Kelly and Dan Werner

Ole Miss co-offensive coordinator and QBs coach Dan Werner discusses the Rebel signal-callers and more

Ole Miss co-offensive coordinator and QBs coach Dan Werner recently met the media to discuss a wide-range of topics, including his backup quarterbacks and much, much more.

On Jason Pellerin: “I like how he’s come along. He runs the ball hard. He’s protected it; that’s No. 1. And he’s actually thrown a couple of good passes, too. People see a guy like him come in and think we’re just going to run the ball, but now they’ve seen he can throw it, too. That opens up a lot of other options for us.”

On how he’s improved: “The fact that he had run a totally different offense in high school. When he came for a camp, we saw his ability. That’s why we recruited him. But just the fact that he hadn’t been in a lot of shotgun and the type of stuff that we do, that was the big transition for him.”

On the running game: “I’ve been saying it for years, defenses have to figure something to stop. One of the two. Sometimes they don’t stop anything. But if they load up in the box, we’re not going to run it very much. We’re going to throw it. We may call a lot of runs, but they’re trying to take it away, so that’s when we’re getting the big passing yards. People get tired of throwing it one the top and they play soft, that’s when the running game opens up.”

On Eugene Brazley: “We were running a lot of outside plays where we needed a little more speed. He’s that type of guy, that’s what he excels at and he did a nice job.”

On the offensive line: “I think they’ve been playing good all year.”

On the off week: “We’re definitely looking ahead at things we need to game plan on. But every week we’re trying to get ourselves better. There’s no such thing as a perfect game. We’ve had some really good ones, but I’ve talked to the guys all time about how we’ve made this mistake, this mistake and this mistake. Just think if we don’t make those we’re doing even better. We’re always trying to improve, but we’re also looking at the team we have to play next.”

On Arkansas: “They’re a little bit different than what we’ve seen lately. They want to play more base defense and line up in their gap sound. They don’t want to jump out of a gap, they don’t want to give up the big play. It’s easier to game plan because they don’t have as many looks, but it’s tougher to get big plays. They don’t make many mistakes.”

On Shea Patterson: “He looks good. We’ve talked, obviously, many times about what his role is and what he wants to do. Basically it’s a conversation between me, coach Freeze and him, but the plan is going exactly how we’d hoped it would. In that regard, we’re happy with how it’s happened.”

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