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Ole Miss players weigh in on 34-30 loss at Arkansas Saturday night

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. - Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly, tight end Evan Engram and defensive end Marquis Haynes weighed in postgame on the Rebels' 34-30 loss at Arkansas.


On what Arkansas was doing defensively: “Giving us what we wanted. One-high stuff, we just gotta beat the press coverage, make the throws. Everybody’s got to be on the same page, too. Can’t turn the ball over. I think they scored off of that. Just got to get better. We’ve got to get on the same page.” On miscommunication offensively: “There was a couple miscommunications, but me being the quarterback, I’ve got to own up to that and I have to get everybody on the same page. Come back to work tomorrow, get ready for another tough opponent in LSU. Just get ready to work and get better every day we can.” On drops by the Rebel wide receivers: “I have to put it in the right spot, regardless if it hits their hands or not. I’ve got to put them in a good position to catch the ball. Losing hurts. I know all those guys are hurting right now. We’ve just got to come back and get on the same page and build some momentum on the offensive side of the ball.” On the feeling at halftime: “We thought we were going to be able to do what we wanted to do. We did. We’ve just got to come out and execute. That’s what it comes down to.” On his fourth-down run that effectively ended the game: “I saw Van (Jefferson) over to the left; he beat (his man) off the press coverage, and then he fell down. The next thing you know, the safety rolled and the guy was behind me. They did a little twist on us, and I tried taking off. I gotta protect the ball, slide or do something instead of taking a hit and getting the first down.” On recalibrating goals: “We’ve got plenty of stuff to work for. I mean, nothing’s out of the equation yet, we’ve just got to come to work every single day ready to fight, ready to go to work and we can only get better from here.”


On the last two offensive possessions: “Defense made some plays. We had some drops. They stepped up and we didn’t.” On Arkansas’ second-half defensive success: “They got pressure on Chad. We had some first downs and some big plays (there to be made), but we had some dropped balls. Just not finishing.” On the drops: “Man, it was just a lack of focus. Gotta focus on the ball, catch it first, and get up field. We don’t make excuses. We’ve got to catch the ball and make a play with it. We’ve just got to see it into the tuck.” On getting shaken up in the end zone: “Just my shoulder. My whole side went numb. Just got a little shaken up. It’s good.” On his production, despite the loss: “Just playing ball. That doesn’t matter. We needed to win tonight. I don’t care about that.  I just show up and make plays for my team when I have to.” More on Arkansas’ second-half defensive success: “They had a good plan the entire game. We were able to move the ball on some drives. When we needed it the most, they stepped up. We didn’t.”


On Ole Miss playing better defensively in the second half: “We sat down on the sideline and changed up a couple of things. And we came with more effort, more speed, more physical. We can’t put our heads down like it’s over. We’ve just got to keep playing full effort.” On the final Arkansas scoring drive: “Coach Freeze would have to answer that for you.” On Ole Miss struggling to stop the run: “Sometimes we just overshoot our gaps. It’s the effort we’re playing with. We’re out there having fun, and we’re playing so hard.” On moving on from here: “Really, what I told my whole team is pick your heads up. We’re moving forward, playing fast, physical and being the landshark defense we need to play and just having fun the rest of the season. Anything can happen the rest of this season. Anybody can lose.” On recalibrating goals: “We just keep our heads forward, keep playing with the same effort. You never know what might happen. Alabama might lose two games. Any team in the SEC is real good. You don’t know who might lose.”


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