Jones CC S Jonathan Abrams has been there and done that

Jonathan Abram out of Jones CC has had some twists and turns after he graduated from East Marion high school in Columbia, Miss. The 6-foot-1, 208-pound hard hitting safety signed with Georgia and proceeded to appear in ten games while making four starts. He collected 25 tackles with a game high eight against Florida. Then he ran into a pothole.

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"Georgia got rid of my coaches," Abram said. "I was really close with coaches Mark Richt and Jeremy Pruitt. That's who I had all my trust in. They left so I just thought it would be better if I started over."

That process started when he went back to Mississippi and enrolled at Jones CC.

"Just going to Georgia and then having to leave for a junior college was hard. It's a big step down. I could have transferred directly to another SEC team, but I would have had to sit out a year. I wanted to play. I was playing so well at Georgia too. Everything was coming together. I guess God has a plan for us all."

Jonathan is a nichol back by nature but Jones CC has had him playing all over the field.

"I'm pretty much playing all around the board. I'm playing on both sides of the ball. I'm even playing special teams. I pretty much don't come off of the field. It's been different going to a junior college. It is a whole another lifestyle (laugh). But I tell you what; there are a lot of great players down here. The game is slower down here, but there are a lot of great players. Guys have to go down here for numerous reasons. Nobody wants to be down here, but it makes everyone work that much harder. Everyone is trying to get to the next level."

What has he learned about himself by going through this experience?

"It's taught me a lot. I'll say that. It's pretty funny. A lot of the guys here look older than me. Junior College is just a whole another game, but it allows you to work on your craft. I've had a lot of college coaches come through here since I got here, and now pretty much our whole defense is going D1. Everybody got their look. Like I said God has plans for us all."

Abram's most recent recruit trip was to Ole Miss.

"I pretty much know everything there is to know about Ole Miss. I've been going down there since high school. We are just staying in close contact. They are waiting on me to see what I'm going to do. Coach (Corey) Batoon and I have been building a good relationship. Coach Barney (Farrar) has been talking to me since I was in high school. He's a cool dude. Now I'm building my relationship with coach Batoon. I just went up there to watch them play Georgia to try and get a feel for their staff and players. I've gotten to know their staff well, and I'm trying to build relationships with their players."

Where do the Rebels stand in the big picture?

"I've liked Ole Miss for a while. I feel good around their staff. I have not spent a lot of time around their players but I'm going to get back up there on the December 10th weekend and take an official. That's probably the next time I'm going back up there. I'm just continuing to build relationships with those guys. "

Jonathan will be tripping this weekend to Alabama to watch his old defensive back coach from Georgia face Texas A&M.

"It's always fun to see what coach Pruitt has in store. I really don't have to look at anything at Alabama. My coach from Georgia is there now. I'm just going to go look at their academics and see if they need me."

Has Bama offered?

"Yes sir."

Who are the main schools involved that have offered?

"LSU, Alabama, Ole Miss, Tennessee, South Carolina and Mississippi State. I graduate on December 14th and I'll make up my mind after I take my officials."

Jonathan visited Mississippi State for Bulldog Day.

"I just went up there and checked it out. It was nice. They are still in the mix as well."

Which school needs Abram the most?

"I would say Ole Miss. I just think they need some more experienced defensive backs to help them out some."

When it comes decision time Abram has "already been there and done that".

"I just want to see how I feel around their staff and players. How comfortable am I around those guys? That says it all. I've already been there and done that."

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