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Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze met the media Wednesday to preview LSU

Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze met the media Wednesday afternoon to discuss the practice week thus far, as well as LSU and much more.

On the practice week: “Good. Had some good days. Impressed with the energy and desire to get better. I think we’ve gone some good on good both days, which has really been physical and helped us. We know this is going to be an extremely physical game, and you better practice like it. We’ve had two good days.”

On the LSU defense since the coaching change: “They still got the same defensive coordinator. He’s been very good at what he does for years. He’s not going to change much.”

On the difference defensively compared to last season: “Last year they were an even front pretty much 90 percent of the time. Now they’re quite a bit more odd front and probably playing more man now, which fits their personnel. As far as coverage, they’re more aggressive. They don’t have to blitz a lot. Their front four can get to you. But it is different from last year, yes.”

On the LSU DBs matching up with the Ole Miss WRs: “I think they’re the most talented we’ve faced and will be a great challenge for our wide receivers. Hopefully that motivates our guys in their one-on-one matchups.”

On who the WRs have responded this week in practice: “You can tell that they’re bothered by the fact that they had so many drops. It just hasn’t been who we are. I think they’re ready to get back out and hopefully not have that happen again.”

On LSU RB Derrius Guice: “Oh gosh, he’s really good. All their backs are good. They’re a little different in their own way. Guice definitely has the breakaway speed, not that the others don’t. But he seems to be probably a little faster, a little more elusive. He’s physical. He’s a special back.”

On the leadership this week: “The response has been good for practice, but you still have to have that when you get in the war and the battle. We’re young on the defensive side, and we don’t have a lot of vocal leaders there. We need to see some of that come this weekend, for sure. As far as the preparation, I’ve been real pleased.”

On Christian Robinson coaching middle linebackers: “We’ve only had one day of it, but it’s been good. He played the position, knows our schemes and it’s just another set of eyes where they’ve got a set of eyes on them every single snap to try to make sure their assignment’s being done with the right technique. The response has been good.”

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