Juco DE out of Cisco CC narrowing the field

Micheal Clemons out of Cisco CC (Texas) is one of the more sought after junior college prospects in the country. We caught up with the 6-foot-4, 242-pound defensive end to see where his season and recruitment stand.

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The redshirt freshman participated in the first six games of the season before sustaining a shoulder injury.

"Our season is now over," Clemons said. "We didn't win any games but on a personal level I think I showed what I could do. I felt like I dominated when I needed too. I spent a lot of hard work this offseason preparing me for this season. There's no limit what I can do if I just keep working as hard as I can."

Micheal finished with 10.5 tackles for a loss in six games and collected two and half sacks.

"I have a really good get off. I can run well for a guy my size. I was getting clocked in the low 4.5's this summer during the offseason. I can play outside linebacker as well. I’m strong at attacking the tackle. If I can get my hands on him first, he’s beat. They can’t match my speed. I can get around the corner easily. I’m good at that. I’m good at getting off blocks. At outside linebacker, I can play the flats well. I’m a big guy so it is hard to get around me. I use my speed to get out there and cover."

The Sachse (Texas) native has already received scholarship offers from half of the SEC programs. This includes Tennessee, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Missouri and Kentucky. Four of the the SEC schools will receive official visits in January.

"In January I'm going to Arkansas, Texas A&M, Missouri and Ole Miss. Those are four I know I'll visit. I still have another (official) visit left if I need it, but those four are standing out right now."

When did things start heating up with the instate program, Texas A&M?

"Coach (Terry) Price got in contact with me about a month ago. We have been building a relationship. They like my film, and then he got in contact with my head coach. That's when they made it official that I had an offer."

What stands out about the Aggies?

"They were the school I liked coming out of high school. They have a great defensive line coach and have two defensive ends that are supposed to be going high in the draft. I feel like I can come in there and make an impact."

Ole Miss came calling this past summer.

"Coach (Chris) Kiffin) got in touch with me in August. I have been building a good relationship with him as well. I talk to them pretty much every week. I've gotten to know a lot of their defensive coaches. They offered me a few months back and my relationship with those guys keeps me interested in them."

The Rebels are graduating two of their defensive ends in their four man rotation and have a third who could come out early in the draft.

"I've been keeping up with them the past couple of years. They have a great program. They play disciplined and know how to win. I like what coach Freeze has done with that program. I know that Marquise Haynes could leave early, and they have a couple more guys graduating. There's an opportunity for me to go in there and make an impact, for sure."

Is immediate playing time a big factor?

"Yes sir. I still have three years to play three so I have more time than most juco guys, but that is a big thing for me. Everybody wants to come in and make a big impact with that team. That's a big factor right there. I know I have some opportunities at both Ole Miss and Texas A&M."

Another SEC West program has been staying in close contact as well.

"Coach (Rory) Segrest at Arkansas has been building a relationship with me as well the past couple months. I really enjoy talking to him. My relationship with their coaches is really good. I have been watching them as well. I like the atmosphere over there. I know a few people who go there. My relationship is good with those guys."

Missouri has had a recent history of putting defensive ends in the league as well.

"I like coach (Jackie) Shipp a lot. I have gotten to know him well. We have been talking since last April. We have built a good relationship. He's coached a lot of great defensive ends. We talk about that a lot. They want me to come in and be a part of that tradition."

When it comes decision time two factors will stick out the most.

"I want to go to the place I can make the biggest impact and play for a well disciplined team. I also want to get into a good Criminal Justice program."

Yancy Porter is the recruiting analyst for the Ole Miss Spirit and he can be reached at yporter@scout.com


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