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Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze addressed the offensive line and more Wednesday afternoon

Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze addressed the Rebel offensive line and more Wednesday afternoon.

On how the week of practice has gone: “We had a really good day (Tuesday). Today, I wish was a little better. We have some things to clean up for sure. I'm glad we have a couple of more days to work on the option game. We have to clean some stuff up though.”

On being 1-0 from the players, coaches, the approach: “That’s all they're going to hear. I can't say that every single person is as determined as some. It's hard to tell that right now. Saturday will revel that for sure. That is the message and that is the only message, preparing to be 1-0. You have to find something that motivates yourself that is bigger than a scoreboard or record. You have to find something, if you have anything to you. You have to find something that is important enough to you to motivate yourself to prepare for your teammates to be 1-0 this week.”

On what he wanted to see done better in particular this week: “The number of looks that you get that they run option out of. You have to be so sound and you don't get a lot of reps seeing that. It's not like you're just fitting the power, even though we need improvement on that obviously from the last few weeks. It's a lot more to it. You have to execute who has the tailback, the quarterback, the pitch man on a lot of different looks and also blocking schemes. We have to get in and clean some things up and hopefully fit those things. We did some really good ones but you have one or two that can be explosive plays if they're not done correctly.”

How similar is Georgia Southern to Wofford’s option offense? “Totally different. Wofford was under center mostly and this is the gun version of it.”

On the offensive line, from health to depth:  “We have five, so we'll have to … center will be a guy who has never snapped a ball in game play. That can always be interesting. Hopefully we can stay healthy throughout the game for sure.”

How did the shift to center for Javon (Patterson) come about? “He's the next best guy to snap, I think, with Sean and Robert being down and not burning a redshirt. He and Neely will hopefully handle the center duties.”

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