Clinton two-way star plans to return for the Egg Bowl

Kam White helped Clinton to a thrilling win Friday over Starkville in his last regular season game. The next morning the 6-foot-2, 205-pound defender made the trek to Oxford with his father.

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"It went pretty good," White said. "I watched the game and spoke to their coaches. I have been up there a 1000 times before. I just wanted to talk to their coaches. They really wanted to tell me face-to-face how much they wanted me."

That message was relayed.

"Basically, all of the coaches came up to me to tell me how important I was and what a big asset I would be for their team. They told me it doesn't matter which position I would play. I'll be a factor wherever I play."

The Ole Miss coaches from both sides of the ball relayed that message.

"I spoke to coaches Freeze, (Derrick) Nix, (Jason) Jones, (Dave) Wommack and coach Heard. They all told me how much they wanted me. Like I said I've been up there so many times before. I've seen everything they have to offer. They just wanted to show me they are putting the full court press on me because they need me as an athlete and person. They think I can handle myself the way they want their players to handle themselves up there at Ole Miss."

White's father felt the love as well.

"He thought it was genuine. My dad told me they weren't just telling me that to blow smoke up my rear. He knows how much they want me. I know it too. They have been on me really hard lately. I talk to them everyday now. That is what stands out about Ole Miss the most to me right now. I just like how genuine they are with me."

Kam could play anywhere from safety to linebacker to receiver at on the next level. He watched all three groups Saturday.

"I watched Tony Conner a lot when he was in there. He didn't play as much as he usually does because of their formations and scheme, but I watched him closely. I watched A.J. Moore as well when Tony wasn't in there. I watched their deep safeties and receivers as well. They all played really well."

The Rebels are also recruiting Kam's teammate in Cam Akers. Both have talked about how much they would like to play with one another on the next level.

"Yes sir. It would mean a lot to me and Cam if we got to play together another four years. It would be perfect if we got that chance, but at the same time, if he decides to go to another school I'll respect his decision and pull for him. That will never change, but it would be icing on the cake if we got that chance to play together. It's definitely a factor."

There's one hurdle to clear before that happens. White is currently committed to Iowa State.

"They continue to contact me and ask about how I'm doing. Nothing has changed. They aren't bad mouthing Ole Miss. They stay above all that. They just keep doing what they have been doing. I respect that."

What stands out about Iowa State?

"Just their coaches, honestly. I like how they approached me when I went up there on my visit. They rolled out the red carpet out for me. They laid it out how it would be if I were to go up there. They keep it real at Iowa State."

Cam and Kam will do some traveling together over the next couple weeks.

"We are going over to see LSU play when they face Florida. And you know we are coming back for the Egg Bowl. That's the game I really looking forward to."

Has Mississippi State stayed in touch lately?

"No, they kind of stopped when I committed to Iowa State. Most everybody did but Ole Miss and Minnesota. Those two schools just kept recruiting me."

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