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Hugh Freeze said Wednesday he hasn't made a decision on Shea Patterson

Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze met the media Wednesday to discuss the looming QB decision and more. Full transcript included.

On if he's made a decision on Shea Patterson: “We’ll make some decisions tomorrow after practice. I’ll gather all the film and go from there. That’s all I’m ready to say.”

On how the QBs have performed in practice: “Some good. We’ve got to be careful of what we’re asking. We may think it’s a really good idea, but if they haven’t repped it enough, it’s probably not a good idea. We’ve got to really, Thursday after practice, look at what Jason (Pellerin) can do and Dawson (Knox) can do and kind of is it enough to win the game with that stuff? And Shea (Patterson’s) gotten reps, too. He’s been with the scout team for six weeks. Everything’s fairly new to him again. We’ve got a lot of thinking to do, and we’ll look at all the film Thursday after practice and make some decisions.”

More on how the QBs have performed in practice: “Some good. Not that it’s bad. It’s probably a lack of understanding, lack of reps.”

On if Patterson can handle a similar amount of concepts as Pellerin: “He’s a quick learner. Probably about the same. We’re not going to rep many more than that this week.”

On how Pellerin has handled the process: “Good. I think he’s like any kid that gets your opportunity. You’re excited about it. You’ve worked for it and prepared for it. I thought he did well in the game the other day. We didn’t ask him to do a lot. As long as we stayed up two scores we were kind of content. Threw two very good deep balls and ran the ball well, which we know he can. I think he’s excited.”

On if it will be a staff decision: “Nah, it’ll be my decision. It’ll ultimately come down to me. I’ll talk to the kids and their families, of course, but it would be my decision.”

On if the decision would be easier if Ole Miss was playing at home: “There’s so many factors that goes into these decisions, man, but that’s certainly one of them. Either kid’s going to get their first experiences, whether you play one, two. Either kid is going to get their first experience in a difficult environment.”

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