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Ole Miss fell to 5-6 (2-5 SEC) following its 38-17 loss at Vanderbilt Saturday night

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Ole Miss running back Akeem Judd and cornerback Carlos Davis met the media following the Rebels' 38-17 loss to Vanderbilt Saturday night.


On the running game disappearing late: “The scheme that they ran, I guess the offensive coordinator switched it up because of the way they were running their defense.” On if Vanderbilt did anything surprising defensively: “Nah, that’s what teams do. They switch it up when they see success on the other side of the ball.” On if Vanderbilt wanted it more: “From being in the locker room and things, I feel like the focus was there during the week. Things change when you get out on the field. There’s no telling what happened.” On the overall disappointment of the loss: “This is very disappointing. The more wins you get, the better the bowl game, if we go to a bowl game. That’s over with now. We’ve got to focus on Mississippi State, which is the most important game of the season right now.” On if he ever imagined the season going like this: “I didn’t. I don’t think anybody would’ve imagined that. That’s how football is. You plan for great success and it doesn’t always go your way. It teaches you a lot of lessons besides just playing football.” On the mood in the locker room: “Everybody was just quiet. You can’t be hyped or nothing because you just lost.”


On the loss: “It’s pretty disappointing. We came in pretty prepared. It just sucks to lose the game. To go out like that, I’m a senior. I want to go out the right way.” On what he attributes the defensive struggles to: “Just communication. Communication needs to get better. We need to fit the right gaps and just work together as a team and become the landshark defense that we are.” On what Vanderbilt did to swing momentum after the 10-0 Ole Miss lead: “I don’t think they did anything different. We started not communicating well and not playing together as a team, as a defense.” On losing Demarquis Gates to targeting: “Losing Gates was big as well. We’ve got some other linebackers that stepped up and did the job. But I guess it kind of was a miscommunication with the guys who just came in. It hurt us a bit, losing Gates.” On the defense’s inability to adjust all season: “It’s us not communicating. We’ve got a young group; an extremely young group. Once they come together as a unit and communicate and talk things out, they’ll be good.” On what he, as a senior, tells the younger players: “Just keep playing hard. Fight. We’ve got one more game to become bowl eligible. Go out with a bang.” On if this season has shocked him with how it’s turned out: “It’s very shocking. But things happen. We’ve got to move on and play the next game.”

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