Ben Brown (Ole Miss Spirit)

Ole Miss hosted three-star commitment Ben Brown for an official visit over the weekend

Ole Miss hosted three-star commitment Ben Brown for an official visit over the weekend. Brown detailed his trip with the Ole Miss Spirit.

On the visit: “It was amazing. I had an outstanding time. Me and my family had an unforgettable experience. Just hanging out with all the guys, seeing all the coaches and potential guys coming, it was great. Unbelievable experience.”

On if he put his recruiter hat on: “It was great. It was good. I got to meet Jacob (Bolton) out of Georgia. He’s a really nice guy. I don’t know if they’re going to offer him or not, but he just came on the official visit. It was good meeting him and everything.”

On what he was looking to get out of the visit: “Just have a great time, you know? See what it’s like hanging out with some of the players and all that, to see how life is for them. And just one final trip as a recruit before I come up here. It was a great time.”

On taking a picture with his father and grandfather in the Ole Miss locker room, three generations of Rebels: “It was a really neat, special moment. (Ole Miss offensive line) Coach (Matt) Luke, we told him my grandfather was going to come up just to see how the coaches and stuff. He wanted to talk to (Ole Miss head) coach (Hugh) Freeze for a moment. He told me that he was going to get my jersey, my dad’s jersey and my grandfather’s jersey, the numbers they all wore, and lay them out. It was a pretty special moment for all of us.”

On if Ole Miss is planning to add more linemen to the class: “I think they will take one more if they can. I’m no offensive line coach, but that’s what coach Luke has talked to me about.”

On his potential position at Ole Miss: “Probably offensive guard. But I did well at camp as a tackle, so coach Luke said be ready wherever.”

On his weight and height: “305, 6-6.”

On if he got a chance to talk offense with new offensive coordinator Phil Longo: “Honestly, I didn’t really talk a lot of offensive stuff with coach Longo. I feel like he’ll do a great job up here. He’s a really smart coach. He knows what he’s doing.”

On what the wait to get to Ole Miss is going to be like: “It’s going to be tough, that’s for sure. But it’ll be here before I know it. I can’t wait until I’m up here.”

On if he helped recruit the trio of highly-rated linebackers who also visited: “I talked with them some. It was nice meeting Thomas (Johnston), and I talked to Josh (Clarke) some as well. They didn’t ask a whole lot. They probably asked Josh more since he’s their position, but I talked with them some, hung out with them some. They seemed to have a great time. That’s good that they loved it here.”

On if there’s a game he most looks forward to: “Man, I don’t know. It’d be great playing Bama again. We put 40 points up against them. I don't think another team in the nation did that, so it’d be a great game next year, for sure.”

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