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Three-star DT Josh Rogers will choose from Ole Miss, Oklahoma and Texas A&M on Wednesday

Three-star defensive tackle Josh Rogers didn't know what to expect when he took an official visit to Ole Miss over the weekend. The Rebels, however, left a positive impression, and they now find themselves in the heat of the race for his signature with National Signing Day around the corner.

On his visit to Ole Miss: “I’ve never been coming to Mississippi, don’t know what Ole Miss is about. Coming here, it really surprised me. Other coaches were telling me that long road down and the campus is just going to pop up. That’s exactly what it did. Just coming here, being at this beautiful campus, it’s a great environment. Got to chill with (Ole Miss defensive line) coach (Tray) Scott, one-on-one time. He was just telling me about himself. He’s new to the program, too. He was a (graduate assistant( back then, but this is his first year as the d-line coach. Just really got to spend some quality time with him and some other recruits that he had his main focus on. It was, all around, a good visit. I got to chill with (recent Rebel signee) Ryder Anderson. Back in Houston, we met a couple of times. I actually tried to get him to come my school. Ryder, he was my host, really. We just kicked if off. All in all, it was a great weekend.”

On where Ole Miss stands now: “They’re definitely in top consideration. More than before I came. Not ever being in Mississippi, I couldn’t doubt them for that. Coming here has really changed some things up.”

On when things started to heat up with Ole Miss: “Really, this past month. This whole month of January. (Scott) is one of the coaches who’s been at the school consistently, at this house consistently. Him and (Ole Miss TEs) coach (Maurice) Harris, and (Ole Miss head) coach (Hugh) Freeze one time. Football-wise, they like me playing that three-technique. Coach Scott wants me to start off at three-technique and then start to learn the nose technique in case anything happens.”

On his process in choosing from Texas A&M, Oklahoma and Ole Miss: “We’re just going to sit down, my people, and talk about what they like and I’m going to tell them what I like. And then we’re just going to sort it out and move on from there.”

On which school needs him the most: “That’s the thing. That’s the main factor I’m thinking of right now. All of them are in need of d-linemen. They’re telling me they’ve got the depth chart to prove it, that they’re lacking in d-linemen. Bringing in guys like me can help the program really quick. That’s one of the main factors. We’ve just got to sit down and really think about it and really go back and remember some of the stuff they’ve told us.”

On the main factors in his recruitment: “The education part, too, but as a football player, getting on the field as early as I can and dominating. If I have to redshirt, I’ll be fine with that. That’s one extra year of getting stronger and getting smarter with the game. But I’m ready to ball out.”

On what was different about the Ole Miss visit compared to the others: “Involving the head coach a lot. I know I’m not really going to meet up with coach Freeze; we’re really going to be with coach Scott. Coach Freeze, he was walking up to us just like a normal guy. You wouldn't be able to tell he was really, like, a head coach. He’s just a real humble guy and real excited dude, too. That really surprised me, other than these other visits, you know?”

On if any schools have pushed for him to hurry and make a decision: “Nah, they’re really just waiting out. They’ll call me and be like, ‘Hey, have you made up your mind yet?’ And I’ll be like, ‘Nah, I need some more time.’ It’s pretty much all three of these schools right now.”

On how close he is to a decision: “I’m almost there. I probably need one more day or so. I’ll have my decision made up before Wednesday though. Signing Day, (he’ll make his announcement) at my school at 11:30 in the gym.”

On what he likes about Oklahoma: “Oklahoma, really, I just like that atmosphere. I’d never been to Oklahoma, too. I didn’t think too much was out there. Really, just their whole facility and their need of d-linemen, too, and what they want me to play as technique-wise. All of my visits have been different in a certain way. Not in a bad way.”

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