Will Golsan (Associated Press)

Where's Will Golsan should be a game like Where's Waldo

So far in his career, junior Will Golsan has played second base and first base successfully. Now, pulling his best 'Where's Waldo?' impersonation, Golsan has landed in right field, a position Coach Mike Bianco believes is his "most natural spot."

If you are looking for Will Golsan, aka the Rebs' Waldo, you might look toward second base.

If he's not there, you would be inclined to look at first base.

Nope, not there either.

Hint: look in the outfield, right field to be exact.

That's where the versatile junior from Columbus, MS, will be residing and playing this spring after a freshman year at second base and a sophomore season at first.

This musical-chairs career might frustrate and fluster some youngsters, but Golsan, a soft-spoken, humble sort, doesn't seem fazed at all.

"I'll play wherever they want me to, go anywhere the coaches ask me to," said Golsan, not batting an eye. "Whatever is best for the team is what I want to do."

Will Golsan (Associated Press)

There are many cliches of the "take one for the team" variety in that brief statement, but Golsan has proven that he is indeed willing, and able, to play anywhere he is asked to.

The difference this year? The outfield may end up being where he is best after a career - since Little League - in the infield.

"I think it's his best position," Coach Mike Bianco, entering his 17th year as the captain of the Rebel baseball ship, said. "He looks very natural out there."

Golsan, who batted .273 with 3 dingers and 31 RBI as a sophomore, agreed.

"I am totally comfortable out there now. I don't have much history in the outfield, but I've taken a lot of reps in the fall and spring and feel real good out there now," he stated. "The only difference is the ball is in the air instead of on the ground. It's not really that difficult. It's just another position. Sure, there is some adjustment, but it's all within a game I love.

"I want to hit. If it takes playing in the outfield to get to do that, and if that is what the team needs, I'm all for it."

Entering his third season and having over 400 plate appearances in college ball, what's Golsan's comfort level like now?

Will Golsan (Associated Press)

"You just don't know what to expect as a freshman, but now I have seen just about everything you can see on the SEC level and I feel I am more prepared this time around," Golsan noted. "I've been working hard on getting bigger and faster. We want more steals this year. I think I am more explosive and so is everyone. We worked hard in the offseason."

Golsan likes the makeup of the Rebels this year, even though it's a squad that will start four true freshman in key spots opening day.

"We play hard and we play fast and those freshmen have just fallen right in there with the veterans. They transitioned so well and just jumped right in the fray without blinking," noted Golsan. "They've leaned on us some for some answers, but they soak everything up quickly and don't have to ask but once.

"I'm really proud of the way they have come in here and competed and earned positions."

Golsan believes the Rebels will have more power this year than last year.

"We've got a lot of guys with pop in their bats. Some of the young guys have great bat speed and strength and some of our returning guys have really put on some quality weight and strength that will help them get it out of the park more," he added. "We should hit more homers than a year ago."

Will also likes the pitching rotation and candidates.

"Our main guys have all successfully pitched in big situations here and they know what has to be done to win a game," he stated. "They all have great stuff, they are comfortable up there and they have the confidence of everyone on the team."

Rebel fans won;t be playing 'Where's Waldo?' or where's Will Golsan. This time around, he'll be easily found and prominent in right field.

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