Rebels looking to add one to the roster

The Rebels are looking to add a tight end to this class. They are in the mix for several of the nation's best.

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Malcolm Epps has the size and speed that college coaches covet. Ohio State, Alabama and Michigan are the leaders right now for the Houston native but the Rebels are in the picture.



Brevin Jordan named Ole Miss in his top five in the middle of his junior season but then put Michigan, UCLA and Miami at the top in December. The Las Vegas native and Freeze have been following each other on twitter for quite a while. We'll see where this goes from here. He's the No. 1 tight end prospect in the country.



Will Mallory is your typical H-Back playing tight end. Tall and rangy without a lot of girth. Michigan seems to have the upper hand at press but the Rebels remain in the mix for the Jacksonville native.



Mustapha Muhammad is the country's second rated tight end. The Rebels have not been mentioned lately for the Texan, but the Rebels are digging. His teammate, LB Chad Bailey, was also offered by the Rebels.



Gavin Schoenwald is another Brentwood Aca player the Rebels have offered. This will most likely come down to a good ole Tennessee vs Ole Miss battle.



George Takacs has made the trek down from Florida to Ole Miss once before. The Rebels are expecting him back on campus this spring.


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