Ole Miss linebackers coach Bradley Dale Peveto

Bradley Dale Peveto inherits a downtrodden LB group, but he's excited about 'his guys'

New Rebel Linebackers Coach Bradley Dale Peveto is avoiding preconceived notions at all costs as Ole Miss enters spring training.

"Everyone gets a new lease on their football life. We are starting with a clean slate," said Peveto. "I like my room. I think we have good size and length and I believe we are twitchy. I have had a chance to meet with them some and they are hungry. They want to put last year behind them and start fresh and that's what I want as well.

"I am really looking forward to working with them and getting to see what they can do."

Bradley Dale - he prefers his double name, "it's a Texas thing" - has a simple goal for spring training.

"We just want to build a great foundation for our defense moving forward," he stated. "The overall techniques - pass drops, run fits, everything needed to play linebacker - are important and we want to come out of spring with a really strong evaluation of who we are as a linebacker group and be able to learn conceptually so that all our linebackers can play and understand all three LB positions.

"You never know how we're going to mix and match and shuffle guys, so the learning curve is important, but it starts with sound fundamentals and sound technique. Right now, there are no starters. We have an organizational depth chart that means little right now. I want to identify who my real players are in spring and come out of it with a solid foundation, as I said."

Ole Miss LB Brenden Williams

DC Wesley McGriff is aiming for keeping things simple and playing fast and aggressively. That fits Peveto to a tee.

"I have been so impressed with Coach McGriff. He's very organized and detailed. He's a very good coach who has a great plan moving forward. We have a way to attack every look we see and we're going to attack," Peveto said. "We will not be a defense that sits back and waits for the offense to come to us. "I think we have an energetic, exciting staff and I'm impressed. We have guys who can coach and guys who can handle and manage players.

"I'm a high-energy guy myself. You have to coach the same as your personality and I'm a high-strung, high-energy person by nature, so that's how I coach. You have to be who you are. Guys see through any kind of act. You have to be yourself on the field and off. I'm an old-school guy, a discipline guy. I expect players to do the right things on and off the field.

"We'll pay attention to details and all the little things. If you do that, the big things take care of themselves."

Personnel-wise, Peveto says he has his thumpers and he has his length guys.

"We're an open book right now. We're going to roll guys in and out during spring and develop a depth chart based on how they perform," said Peveto. "We are rangy, we have length and we have our thumpers inside with Dertic Bing-Dukes, Donta Evans and Tayler Polk and we have our rangy guys in DeMarquis Gates. Willie Hibbler, Brenden Williams and Ray Ray Smith. 

"But we're going to put the best guys on the field. I've watched them some in the weight room and watched them run a little in the mornings and they are twitchy. They move good. They are punctual, they take good notes in meetings and their questions in meetings are good. They are a sharp group of young men. When you have some intelligence, you can run and you have some heart, you have a chance. It is my job to get that out of them and I am looking forward to it."

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