Ole Miss wide receivers coach Jacob Peeler

WR Coach Jacob Peeler is not only familiar with Ole Miss, but with a lot of his WRs as well

Unless you knew him personally, one would be hard-pressed to imagine that a coach at California would be connected or familiar with Ole Miss, but new Wide Receivers Coach Jacob Peeler has both - familiarity and connections.

"My Dad and I used to come over to Ole Miss for games - baseball, football, basketball - all the time. We were, and are, Ole Miss fans," he said. "Many times we would drive to Oxford on Saturday for a baseball game, drive back to Kosciusko (his hometown), got to church Sunday morning and drive back over for the Sunday afternoon baseball game. I wanted to play at Ole Miss, but I wasn't athletic enough.

"Besides that, I recruited some of the players I am now coaching - D.K. Metcalf, A.J. Brown, Tre Nixon, DaMarkus Lodge. So I am familiar with the vast talent I have under my wing and am excited about it."

So, when Hugh Freeze came calling, Peeler said he didn't even have to think about coming to Ole Miss to work.

"Man, my wife and I never blinked. Never thought two seconds. It was an instant yes. I had watched Coach Freeze from afar and knew I wanted to work with him and the idea that he was at Ole Miss - no brainer," he noted. "It's a dream come true. My family is Ole Miss and I am Ole Miss - always have been."

Ole Miss WR A.J. Brown

In OC Phil Longo's system, the receivers make the reads based on zone coverage where they "chase space" and drop into open zones or they work for separation (against man coverage). This is not new to Peeler.

"Coach Longo's offense is very similar to what we did at Cal and Louisiana Tech where I also coached," he stated. "I feel like we have been working together for 10 years. He may call something bacon and I call it ham, but it's the same thing. We get from point A to point B the same way. The transition for me is easy, but I will just have to see how long it takes our players to adapt. I don't anticipate it taking a long time because they are so excited about it.

"We have a young, talented group and they are ready to get going in a new system with a clean slate. I'm anxious to see how quickly they pick things up and capitalize on this system."

Peeler could not be happier with the talent pool he has to work with.

"I've told them and I'll continue to tell them, I think they're the best group in the country. Some of them are not proven yet, but they will be. The skill set it there for them to be special. It's up to me to take their skill set and match it with this offense and take this offense and match it to their skill set," he assessed. "I walk in here every day and feel so blessed to have these guys. We will hit the ground running.

"We'll make mistakes, but we'll make them full speed and then fix them. This is going to be a lot of fun."

Peeler's style as a coach is high energy, for sure, because of his attitude about coaching.

"I've never worked a day in my life in my mind. I always wanted to be a college coach and I am. I am living the dream," Peeler stated. "I am a huge relationship guy. I will have a bond with my players beyond player/coach. It takes time to build those kinds of relationships, but we will have them.  I run around a lot in practice, I enjoy it. I'm loud, but not in a bad way.

"We will have a positive, disciplined environment we work in and we will have fun while being serious about our work."

In reality, Jacob Peeler is a "new guy."

In his mind, he's been here for a long, long time.

Rebel familiarity, Rebel connections. 

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