All-State linebacker out of Oxford takes in Junior Day

Quentin Wilfawn out of Oxford is no stranger to the Ole Miss football program. The 6-foot-2, 240-pound linebacker lives just down the road but the story goes a little deeper.

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Quentin Wilfawn's father, Jason, was the assistant strength coach at Ole Miss during the Houston Nutt era. Quentin spent a many days survaying the Rebel's games and practice fields.

"That's pretty much all I did as a kid," Wilfawn recalled. "I kind of gotta an inside glimpse of how things are run on the collegiate level."

It didn't take long for the 240-pound linebacker to start making a name for himself on the high school level. He played varsity ball for Oxford's 5A North Half Champs team as just a freshman. There was a buzz around the program that Wilfawn was going to be the Charger's next big time D1 prospect but an injury slowed down his progress.

"I had to miss most of my sophomore season because of a back injury. It was tough on me. I wanted to be out there so bad, but I knew I had to let it heal up before I got back out there."

The 2016 season saw the junior have a break-out year. He was a 1st Team All-State selection for all classifications after collecting 171 tackles, 13 for a loss, two and half sacks, and an impressive seven forced fumbles.

"I knew no one would know about me outside of my teammates, so I knew I had to come in and really prove myself and just show them what I could do. Coming back from an injury just gave me extra motivation to show out. I was hungry to get back out there with my teammates. It was a pleasure just getting to be back out on the field. You are away from the game and it hurts. I was just happy to be back out there again helping my teammates."

The Rebels reached out with Quentin before signing day. He went over to speak with the new Ole Miss linebacker coach.

"I've spoken to coach (Matt) Luke a little bit in the past, but I wanted to get over there and talk to (Ole Miss linebacker) coach (Bradley Dale) Peveto. I didn't really know him too well before that visit. I liked him. I know he used to coach at LSU before he came over to Ole Miss. I feel good about him. They said I'm definitely on their radar."

What else is Ole Miss saying right now?

"They just said I had a good year last year, and they have been keeping up with me and are looking forward to seeing me back over on their campus in the future."

What does Quentin needs to show Ole Miss for things to progress?

"I think the main thing is just show them that I can play. They just told me to keep doing what I'm doing."

This spring the All-State performer has visited a few campuses so far.

"I've been to Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Memphis and I've been to Arkansas State. "I feel like Arkansas State is close to offering. They said they're going to come watch me in the spring."

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