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Ole Miss baseball still in good hands

The Ole Miss baseball team has been in a prolonged slump at the plate. The Rebels were just swept by in-state rival MSU at home after scoring a glaring six runs over the weekend. The bitter taste is in everyone's mouth, but we still believe good times are ahead with this group. Inside we explain why.

There have been interesting threads on our message board about the state of the Ole Miss program. Has Bianco lost his fire as some point out? Get close to the dugout and watch Bianco during a game and see if he has lost his fire. He is as intense as he was from day one. 

Baseball is a funny game for those that truly truly don't follow the sport as us "nuts" do. I've played the game, like most readers, but unfortunately I'm what you call a baseball junkie. For us sickos we know the ups and downs of the game. We also know that when you bring in as many newcomers into the lineup at one time that you can go through a hitting drought like what you are seeing from this team at the plate.

Sure, you have players like Seth Smith, Stephen Head, and the Henry brothers who step right in as a true freshman and rip it, but those are your exceptions and not the norm.

A poster asked if I saw any of the newcomers could just end up being a ".270" hitter. My reply was that you can best bet that players like Thomas Dillard (who will be a superstar at OM before he leaves), Grae Kessinger, Bryce Blaum, Nick Fortes, Chase Cockwell, Cole Zabowski, Cooper Johnson, and Bryan Seamster will be very good SEC hitters when they go through enough war.

Here is a list of players during the Bianco era and how they fared from their first year to their last:

C Henry Lartigue - .100, .225, .353
C Brett Basham - .250, .261, .297
C Charlie Waite - .176, .250 .304
C Charlie Babineaux - .228, .282
C Will Allen - .227, .302, .235 (sitting behind Stewart Turner), .339
C Justin Brashear - .176, .253
1B Matt Snyder - .288, .347, .313 , .322
1B Sykes Orvis - .235 (1 HR), .237 (3 HR), .294 (14 HR's), .264 (16 HR's)
2B Alex Yarbrough - .288, .350, .380
2b Tate Blackman - .197, .322 (has not finished out junior season)
3B/2B Preston Overbey - .233, .255, .280, .271
3B Brian Pettway - .266, .305, .388, .363
3B Chris Coglin - .302, .364, .350
3B Colby Bortles - .250 (2 HR's). 281 (7 HR's), .269 (8 HR's), (has not finished out senior season)
SS Zach Cozart - ..271, .338, .311
SS Austin Anderson - .235, .239, .310, .321
SS Tim Ferguson - .288 .358, .302
OF Cody Overbeck- .218, .288, .356
OF Taylor Hashman - .210 (1 HR) , .314 (10 HR)
OF Mark Wright - ..292 (1 HR), .311 (13 HR's), .305 (16 HR's)
OF Austin Bousfield - .253, .288, .336
OF JB Woodman - .298 (2 HR's), .274 (7 HR), .323 (14 HR's)

The bottom line is that every main hitter in OleMiss' lineup are newcomes outside of Golson, Bortles and Blackman. Ryan Olenek is only a sophomore. We understand the frustration of getting swept at home by a not-so-good MSU team and the lack of hitting in general in the last 16 games, but we have a sneaky feeling that minds will change a couple years from now with this group of newcomers that was tabbed the No.1 class in the country.

As the man above says, "patience is a virtue". It's tough to be patient while being swept at home by a school who has been a main source of the NCAA troubles for Ole Miss. That in itself feels like treason, We get it. Trust me, my stomach is still in a knot about this past weekend, but if you can be "patient", I think it will be worth it.

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