Jordan Davis (Photo by Billy Embody)

Three-star defensive end and Alabama commitment Jordan Davis visited Ole Miss recently

Jordan Davis committed to Alabama in December. The three-star defensive end has held solid ever since.

But his pledge hasn’t slowed competing schools from continuing to pursue him, including the Ole Miss Rebels, who have stayed in consistent contact with the 6-foot-4, 239-pound Davis in an effort to flip him. 

Davis lived in Greenville until moving to Memphis, Tenn., when he was 9. He currently stars for Southwind High School.

“It’s a lot of things I like about Alabama,” he said. “I love the environment, I love the atmosphere and I love the passion for football at Alabama. Everywhere you go, it’s always something about Alabama football. You don't ever hear about no other sport but football. If football is your life, why not go somewhere where football is everything?”

Ole Miss is pitching the importance of staying close to home, and Davis making a name for himself for his former in-state school. The No. 2-ranked defensive end in Tennessee is at least listening.

“They’ve been recruiting me heavy,” Davis said of the Rebels, who offered last season. “A lot of things they say, they always tell me about coming back home. I do take that as a big part in my recruitment.”

Davis recently made his second trip to Ole Miss. His first was when he was in 10th grade for a summer camp. “It being my first camp, it wasn’t a good experience,” he said. “It didn’t turn out as good.”

His second time around was much better. Despite his insistence on avoiding visits this summer, he made an exception for Ole Miss, chiefly due to the wishes of a teammate who requested he make the trip with him.

“(Ole Miss tight ends) Coach (Maurice) Harris is a real good coach,” Davis said. “He coached in Memphis. Matter of fact, he coached at Whitehaven High School. There’s a lot of things we talk about besides Ole Miss. We’ll talk about him coaching back in Memphis and all that.”

Ole Miss tight ends coach Maurice Harris (Photo credit: Petre Thomas)

Along with Alabama and Ole Miss, Davis holds offers from Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisville, LSU, Memphis, Mississippi State, Ohio State, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas A&M.

But the heavy attention he’s received hasn’t swayed him from his commitment to Alabama. Not yet, anyway.

“Yes, sir, I am,” he answered, when asked if he’s solid to the Crimson Tide.

Ole Miss isn’t the only SEC rival of Alabama chasing Davis.

“Two for a fact is LSU and Tennessee,” he said. “There’s other schools, too. I don’t plan on taking any visits this summer. The only reason I might take any visits is because my teammate wants me to tag along with him.”

Davis totaled 37 tackles, eight sacks and two forced fumbles last season.

“With my speed and my agility to run after the ball, I’m kind of known for being a track star on the field,” Davis said. “You might run a 4.2 (40-yard dash), but I’m still going to try and hawk you down, no matter what.”

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