Waters camps at Ole Miss

Swayze Waters - (P, Jackson Prep, MS) It is no secret that the Rebels are looking for a replacement for Cody Ridgeway in this recruiting class. One of the potential replacements was in town for the senior camp. We called to see how Swayze's visit went.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Mr. Waters:

What is your current height, weight, and forty time? "I am 6' 0", 170. I ran a 4.69 the last time I ran the 40, which was at the USM Senior camp last month."

Which position are you being recruited to play on the next level? "I would say mainly punting and kicking off. I would like to place kick too, but I am just now starting to work on it. I will be doing everything this year."

What are your strengths at punting? "I am good under pressure, and punting is a pressure situation. I love it. A lot of people look at kicking as not a real position. I play other positions (wide receiver) too, but I love to punt. You only get once chance. There are no second chances. I love that type of pressure."

What do you need to work on? "I have been riding my bike a lot this summer, trying to get my legs a lot stronger. Until this summer, I have not worked my legs real hard in the weight room because I tore my LCL last year while playing receiver. I am now 100%, and I have really hit the weights hard this summer. I have also been going to camps to improve my get off and hang times. I am just trying to improve my overall game. Just listening to all of those great coaches has really helped my game."

Where all have you camped at this summer?"I went to Ray Guy's kicking camp at Tulane. This was my third year to do that. All of the rest of the camps I went to were the senior camps. I went to USM, Ole Miss, MSU, Alabama, and Tennessee."

Going to anymore? "No sir, we start two a days in two weeks."

How long have you been starting at punter for Jackson Prep? "I was our starting wide receiver the last couple of years. I punted some my sophomore year, but Luke Addison was punting then. I do not know if you know who he is, but he went to MSU for a year and transferred to Ole Miss. He was real good. I am going to handle all of the kicking duties this year; kickoffs, field goals, and punting."

What were your stats from your junior season? "I averaged 42.3 yards, and that was with 2 blocked punts. That was early in the season though (laugh)."

What was your long for the season? "64 yards."

How long does it take for you to get the ball off? "Most of the places I went to said they wanted it off in 2 seconds. I was getting it off in 1.3 seconds. The snapper and holder take .7 of a second, so I was averaging right under 2 seconds."

What is your average hang time? "I am not sure, really. I had some that were over 5 seconds, and some that were not so good. Our coaches keep up with that, but they never told me."

Which awards did you receive for your play last year? "I made All-Conference and All-Metro (Clarion Ledger) at punter. I was 2nd Team All-State at kicker. I was also our MVP at WR. In baseball, I made All-Metro (Clarion Ledger) and Impact Player of the Year by ESPN Sportszone."

What were your stats and which position do you play in baseball last year? "I played left field, and I had a .524 post season batting average, .411 regular season average. I had 5 HR's (3 regular season and 2 post season), 44 RBI's (31 regular season and 13 postseason), 12 doubles, 2 triples, and 38 runs scored."

Are you being recruited in baseball? "I have not been specifically recruited for baseball by anyone yet, but hopefully they will be coming soon."

What is your true love, football or baseball? "Man, that would be hard for me to pick. It really just depends which season we are in (laugh). I grew up playing baseball more. I guess I did not start getting into football until 9th grade, but I was just as much into baseball as I was with football. If I had to play just one sport, it would be a real hard decision."

Which schools are currently recruiting you the hardest in football? "I would say Ole Miss and Alabama. They would be the most interested. USM also, but they are not giving a scholarship to a punter this year. And State."

Is MSU offering a scholarship to a punter this year? "I am not sure if they are giving to give a scholarship or not, but I know that Alabama and Ole Miss are for sure. That is what they told me."

Have you received any offers yet? "No sir."

Which schools are you keeping a close eye on? "Well, I like USM because my dad played baseball there, and my granddad is in their hall of fame. My grandmother is real proud of that, and today is her birthday. We just got back from her party. But my brother, Sam, goes to Ole Miss too. He is the kA rush chairman. I go to a lot of their games, and I like their campus too. I went to Alabama for the first time last month. I really liked their campus. I was not there long, but I really liked their facilities. Ole Miss is also building some new facilities. But the people are what I like most about Ole Miss and Alabama."

With your USM upbringing, will that play a role in your decision? "I was brought up going to USM games, but I grew away from them when I starting going to Prep. You know how it is around here, everybody loves Ole Miss. I actually grew into an Ole Miss fan when my brother starting going there. He is a junior, so I have been going to their games for a few years. My father actually buys season tickets to Ole Miss now (laugh). Our family really supports both programs."

Who all contacted you by phone in the month of May? "I got calls from Coaches Woods (Alabama), Hopson (UM), and Johnson (USM)."

Who called first? "I believe it was the USM coach."

Which coach has made the biggest impact with you? "I talked to Coach Hopson (UM) a lot when I went to their camp. He has written me a lot of hand written letters, and I call him a lot, so I have gotten to know him pretty well. I also got to talk with Coach Woods at Alabama, and he is really nice. He showed me around the place. He was just a good guy. I enjoyed it over there. Both Ole Miss and Alabama have good people. That was the main thing I liked about both schools, their people."

Which schools came to your school in the month of May to evaluate you? "Coaches Cutcliffe and Hopson came to my school. They watched my highlight tape with Coach Black. I saw them, but they could not talk to me, with all of those rules. There were some other coaches to come by too, but none of them were head coaches."

What will be the factors when it comes down to decision time? "I just want to earn a scholarship, be around a friendly staff, and get a good education in case I do not make it to the NFL. And oh yea, I want to be at a place where I can have a good time too."

Swayze carries a high C average and a 24 on the ACT test.

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