Outlaw Shines at Ole Miss Camp

<p>The Outlaw family is certainly no stranger to the recruiting game. Derrick's first cousin, Travis Outlaw, was a first round pick by the Portland Trailblazers last year. Rodney Outlaw, another first cousin of Derrick's, was a 1st Team All-State pick for Starkville in 2002 and now plays for UAB. </p> <p>Derrick Outlaw is considered by most recruiting pundits as one of the top defensive prospects in the state of Mississippi.

Outlaw had a tremendous junior campaign at Starkville, as he accumulated 126 tackles and 6 sacks. His performances on the field did not go unnoticed, as he was tabbed the Defensive Player of the Year in District 1(5A) and 2nd Team All-State by the MAC (coach's association).

Derrick camped at the University of Mississippi's Senior camp last month. We called to see how his visit went.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Mr. Outlaw:

What is your current height, weight, and forty time? "I am right in-between 6' 2" to 6' 3". I am at 270 now. After the season, I was at 280, but I have lost some of that weight back. At the Ole Miss camp, they timed me at a 5.2, but I usually run a 5.0 flat. I was big then (laugh). My weight fluctuates so much."

Which position are you being recruited to play on the next level? "Mostly defensive tackle but some (defensive) end."

What do you consider to be your strengths on the field? "I think I am more of a run stopper than anything else. I pretty much hold my own. That is my main thing."

What are you trying to work on to take your game to the next level? "I just want to work on my overall strength, speed, and just my techniques. With our new coach, and us having so many young players, I am going to need to work on my leadership skills too."

Who is Starkville's new head coach?
"Coach Lee. You know, he use to coach us when we won State, and then he went to MS Gulf Coast CC. He is back now."

How long have you been starting for Starkville? "Since 2002."

What were your personal stats for the 2003 season? "Including the playoffs, I had 126 tackles, 6 sacks, and a few fumble recoveries."

Which awards did you garner for your play? "I was our District's Defensive MVP, and I also made 2nd Team All-State by the MAC."

Which schools have you camped at this summer?
"Ole Miss is the only one I have been too. I have been out of town so much, you know. I think I am going to Mississippi State on the 24th or 25th, one of those days."

Which schools are showing you the most love? "Love, I got phone calls, and I like these schools too. Lets see, Ole Miss called. Memphis called. Mississippi State called. Southern Mississippi called and so did Auburn. Notre Dame called too."

Who called you first? "Coach Hopson from Ole Miss."

Which coach has made the biggest impact with you so far? "Coach Hopson. He really calls and cares about me. He comes to my practices, and I went to his (football) camp. He just laid it out there for me. He told me what Ole Miss is all about. I call him a lot too, so I know what he is all about. And Coach Knox from Auburn, we talk a lot too. He is a good guy. The recruiting coordinator from Mississippi State , I forget his name, but he calls too. I like him. And Derrick Meeks from Southern Mississippi, their tight ends coach, he wants me for tight end. He is real cool."

Any offers?
"Actually, I only have one offer so far, and that is from Notre Dame. But, you know, it is so far from home. And when I talked to their head coach, he told me how hard it is to get in there. It would be really hard for me to meet their grade standards, so they are probably not even an option."

What is your current grade status? "I am taking all of my core classes, so I am OK there. I just need to pull up my GPA. I have about a 2.2 GPA right now, so."

And your ACT test? "I took it in April, but I messed up my address, so we have not gotten back my score yet. They sent me in something, saying I should get my results within a week or two."

Which colleges are you looking at the hardest right now?
"You know, I like those SEC West schools, like Ole Miss, Mississippi State , and Auburn.. Memphis and Southern Mississippi are up there too. I am really looking at who all they are recruiting and bringing in. I am keeping a close eye on them."

When you say you are watching who they are recruiting and bringing in; what exactly do you mean by that? "You know, who they already have at my position. It really does not matter to me though, because I know I have to go in there and work hard, no matter where I go."

What will be some other factors in your decision? "Location, you know, I want my kins to see me play. And academics, I want a good business school to go to. And just the overall feeling of their campus. How the coaching staff is will be big too. I really like the Ole Miss staff. I really got to know them at their camp. They are my kind of people."

What else attracts you to Ole Miss? "Right now, they are getting that new facility. I was just impressed with how their coaches treated me, and how their atmosphere is around there. I feel really comfortable up there. It is nice, really nice. I really like it at Ole Miss."

What all do you like about Mississippi State?
"Oh, you know, I know them like the back of my hand. I do not know Coach Croom yet, but as far as their location, it is right here. I know everything about Mississippi State but their coaching staff. They are one of my top schools."

What are Auburn's positives? "Lately, they have been winning a lot. There is just something about how they play defense. They are really aggressive, like I like to play. I just love how they play defense."

And "Memphis?
"Memphis, well, I have a lot of kins up there. And when Travis (Outlaw) went on a bunch of visits there, I went with him. I got to know their staff pretty good when I went on those visits. And I think Memphis is on the rise. They went to a bowl last year and won it. If I went to school there, I would know my way around town and on their campus, so it would not be that big of a transition for me."

What are Southern Mississippi's positives?
"Once again, location, it is close to home. But when they called me, and told me they wanted me to play at tight end, that did something for me. I can run and catch the ball, but I was like dang, how did they know that. That showed me that they have really been watching me. Besides, I keep up with the Mississippi schools religiously. I look at their message boards, just keeping up with them."

Derrick carries a 2.2 GPA and is waiting on his results from his latest ACT test.

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