Please print these important instructions on how to access this site if you are a current Ole Miss Spirit subscriber.

Important instructions on gaining access to the new Ole Miss Spirit Website!

When you are redirected to the new Ole Miss Spirit web site on TheInsiders.com Network, you will be asked to update some information to gain access to our site.

We strongly suggest that you print out this instruction sheet prior to attempting your transition.

If we have your current e-mail address:

1) In the center column, click the "Login" link.

2) Type in your e-mail address and current Ole Miss Spirit password.

If you cannot get in, follow the instructions below. (This means we don't have your current e-mail address).

If we do not have your current e-mail address:

1) In the center column on the front page of the new Ole Miss Spirit, click the "Login" link.

2) Log in using your old user ID plus @OMSpirit.com.

Example: 4429@OMSpirit.com

3) Type in your old password and login.

Continue after you successfully login using either method.

1) When you successfully login, your login will be displayed on the site in the center column on the front page.

2) Click "My Account" on the main page next to your login information.

3) Click "My Member Profile" in the next box.

4) Type in your current e-mail address – VERY IMPORTANT! This allows us to communicate with you and send you your password should you forget it!

5) You should now change your password, but this is not mandatory.

6) It is important to choose a security question and input your answer. This will keep anyone from breaching the security of your account.

7) To activate the changes, you will have to input your old password at the bottom of the page where it reads: "Current Password."

That's it! Now you can enjoy the new Ole Miss Spirit and the entire TheInsiders.com network of college, recruiting, NFL and MLB websites!

If this fails, contact us at chuck@omspirit.com. Include a phone number and we will gladly call you and walk you through the process.

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