Ole Miss and USM early leaders for Eddie Hicks

The Wildcat's program has had a couple of down years recently. One player that should help the cause goes by the name of Eddie Hicks. <br><br> The Rebels tried to lure Eddie's older brother last year, Lamarcus Hicks, but he opted for Iowa State. Will Eddie develop into a player like his older brother? Only time will tell, but he is on the right path.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Mr. Hicks:

What are your current height, weight, and forty time? “I am 6' 2" now. I have grown an inch this summer. I am up to 180 too. My forty time needs some working on, but I was timed at a 4.52 at the Southern Mississippi camp."

Which position are you being recruited to play on the next level? “Defensive back/cornerback. I do not know really. Southern Mississippi is what ever, wide receiver too."

What are your strengths on the field? “Let me think. Probably my height, speed, and plus my vertical. I can jump over people. I got a lot of strength too."

What do you need to work on for the next level? “Right now, I am working on my routes, coverages, and just trying to get bigger and stronger. Just everything really, I feel I have to get better at everything."

How long have you been starting for Clarksdale? “Since my 11th grade year."

Which positions have you played during your career at Clarksdale? "Mostly cornerback, but I did play some wide receiver last year. They are going to move me over to safety this year. I will start at wide receiver too. I am going both ways."

What were your stats for the 2003 campaign? “Man, I had them written down, but I do not know where that sheet of paper is right now. I know I had 4 picks and 2 fumble recoveries. I also took one back to the house. On offense, I had 11 receptions for like 278 yards and 4 TD's. I think those are right."

Any awards for your play? “Yes sir, I was DB of the Year, All-Division, and All-County."

Which schools are currently recruiting you? “Really, the five that are recruiting me the hardest at Mississippi State, Southern Mississippi, Memphis, Ole Miss, and Iowa State."

Any offers? “No sir, I do not have any yet, not yet."

Who contacted you by phone during the early evaluation period? “All five of them."

Who called first? “Southern Mississippi. It was USM, then Mississippi State, then Memphis, then Iowa Sate, then Ole Miss."

Which coach has made the biggest impression with you? “Coach Derrick Nix (Southern Mississippi). He is always writing me hand written letters. USM, Memphis, and Ole Miss always send me hand written letters. I have not gotten one from Mississippi State, but they are recruiting me pretty hard. The other schools send their telephone numbers, and I will give them a call every now and then. But Coach Nix, he is straight. I like USM a lot."

Which schools have caught your eye so far? “USM, well, Ole Miss. I like Ole Miss. They play in the SEC. I would like to go to a school that plays in a good conference. That is the only knock on a school like Southern Mississippi. Conference USA is not all that. But I like Memphis too. And Mississippi State. I would go to Iowa State too, but it is a long ways from home. With my brother, Lamarcus, at Iowa State, I would give it some thought. But it is mainly between USM and Ole Miss. I like those two the best."

What attracts you to Southern Mississippi? “The coaches. I like their field and stadium too. They have good facilities. The campus. I like that campus. And Hattiesburg, I could live there. It is a good place to be. And my boy, Marvin Young, he goes there. He took me around when I went to their camp. I just like their campus a lot."

And Ole Miss? “They have some really nice facilities. You know their new indoor will be good for when it is raining. Their games, man, their crowds really get into it. I went to almost all of their home games last year. I love their atmosphere. And Coach Hobby, I like him too. He has been recruiting me since I was in the 9th grade. A lot of people around here like Coach Hobby a lot. They tell me that he would be a good coach to go play for. I also like their campus. It is really nice. And plus, my boy, Trumaine McBride, he would show me the ropes. I would be in good hands at Ole Miss."

What will be the factors when it comes decision time? “Let me see, really, I am just looking to play for some good coaches. You know, like Ole Miss has. I would not mind redshirting, but I want to play in my redshirt freshman season. I do not want to sit around. I just want to go somewhere where I can fit in. The most important thing for me is their coaches. I just want to be taught by the best."

Hicks carries a 3.5 GPA and a 17 on his ACT test.

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