Archie Sims Ready For Senior Campaign

Arguably Mississippi's top linebacker prospects resides in Laurel, MS. West Jones is historically noted as a baseball school, but times are changing. After an appearance in the Class 4A South State Championship game last season, they are primed to be one of the favorites next year.<br><br> The headliner off of the Mustang's club is linebacker prospect Archie Sims. After being named 1st Team All-State, Region, and Area last year, Sims is looking for a monster senior campaign.

Auburn, MSU, West Virginia, and Memphis have offered. Ole Miss is also very close to extended a scholarship.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Mr. Sims on July 15:

What is your current height, weight, and forty time? "I am 6' 1", 200 and I run a 4.5 forty."

Which position are you being recruited to play on the next level? "Linebacker."

What makes you a good football player? "Lets see, I never quit on the field. I am a team player. I really do not know. I am not good at these type of questions."

What do you bring to the table? "When I play, I do not try and get the big head. I just try to make the tackle."

What are your physical strengths on the field? "I am a sideline to sideline player. I am real quick. I am coached real good too."

What are you trying to work on to take your game to the next level? "I am trying to get bigger. I really am not big enough to be a linebacker. Really, my reads, just the mental stuff. I am pretty much alright physically, just mentally I am trying to get there."

How long have you been starting for West Jones? "Every since my 9th grade year. This will be my fourth year coming up

All at linebacker? "I started at fullback too in 9th grade, but that was my only year."

How did West Jones fare on the field last season? "We made it to the State Finals. We lost to Waynesboro on the last play of the game. It was tough, but we should be back next year. We have everybody back, pretty much."

What were your personal stats for the 2003 season? "I really do not know how many tackles I had. It was over a 100 though. I think it was like 120 something and 15 sacks, but I am not really sure. I do not know. Do not put that down, as I would hate to be wrong."

Which awards did you garner for your play in the 2003 season? "I was 1st Team All-State, Region, and Area. I think that was about it."

Which schools have you camped at this summer? "I went to MSU's camp. That is the only one I have been too."

Are you going to anymore? "Probably not."

Which schools are actively recruiting you? "MSU, Ole Miss, West Virginia, Memphis, and Auburn."

Any offers yet? "All of those schools have offered me except Ole Miss. I mean, in their letters, they said they want me to come to their school, but they have not officially offered me like the rest of them."

Who all called you during the May evaluation period? "Coaches Kitchens (MSU), Luke (UM), Dunn (AU), and Trickett (West Virginia). I forgot the coach's name from Memphis, but he called too."

Who contacted you first? "Coach Matt Luke."

Which coach have you developed the tightest bond with? "Probably Coach Croom because that is the only camp I have been to. Coach Cutcliffe came to the field house, but I could not talk to him. Because, you know, all of them rules."

Which schools are you keeping a close eye on? "I am pretty much wide open. I do not know."

Up to this point, which schools are you interested in? "Pretty much all of them that I said. They have been showing me a lot of interest. It is between one of them. I know that."

What attracts you to Mississippi State? "I like their staff. I know that. They are getting a new nice facility built up there. Their campus seems pretty nice. They were telling me I might get some playing time if I go up there next year. That is about it."

What are Ole Miss' positives? "I went up there for their Jr Day. They have nice facilities too. I like all of their coaches. I do not know. I am just excited that they are talking to me."

What do you like about Auburn? "I mean, I have not been up there or nothing. I just talked to Coach Dunn and seemed like a nice person. They send me a letter everyday. I got to like them. But it is not like that. I liked them before (they started sending me letters). I have a cousin who is up there. You probably know him, Jason Campbell."

And West Virginia? "Pretty much the same things about Auburn. I talked to their coach. They send me letters everyday, just like Auburn does."

What do you like about Memphis? "Same things really. They are just showing me a lot of attention."

Have you been on any visits to the schools you are interested in? "Only to Ole Miss' Jr Day and MSU's camp. That is it."

What will be the factors when you are trying to find the best school for you? "Well, the people who are ahead of me at my position. I am going to want to play. I am going to look at that hard. I got to like the staff, but I can learn to like them if I do not already."

What is your grade status? "I do not really know what my GPA is, but I am gong to qualify, no problem. I made a "D" this year, but I retook that in summer school. I brought that way up. Probably around a 2.5, but that is what it was like two years ago."

And your ACT? "I made a 16 on it the first time."

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