Tony Names a Top 5

Many believe Mississippi's top signal caller resides in the Capital City. When one thinks of Jackson, usually Madison Central, Provine, or Brandon comes to mind. But with Tony Hobson under center, Jim Hill could land on the football map this year.

Tony was named the Top QB in the Jackson Metro Area last season by the Clarion Ledger. Now he is out to prove his worthiness to the college recruiters. Hobson went to the Nike Camp in May. The past 10 days have been reserved for the college camps, as he attended the Jackson State (7 on 7), Southern Mississippi (Sr), and Mississippi State (7 on 7) camps. Tony leaves for LSU on Tuesday..

The following information was revealed during our interview with Tony Hobson:

Have you seen any changes in your height or weight since we last spoke in May? "My height is still the same, 6' 3", but I have put on some weight. I am up to 200."

Have you had a chance to attend any camps after the Nike combine? "We went to the Jackson State 7 on 7 camp . I went to the Southern Mississippi senior camp, and I just got back in from the Mississippi State passing camp. I go to LSU tomorrow for their one day camp."

How did your team fare at the MSU and JSU camps? "We did pretty good. We made it to the semifinals at both camps."

When was the last time you were timed in the 40?
"At the Nike camp. I ran a 4.7."

Which schools contacted you be way of phone during the May evaluation period? "I had Ole Miss, LSU, Auburn, West Virginia, Southern Mississippi, Memphis, Mississippi State, Alabama, Vanderbilt, and Marshall. Those are just a few of them. There were some more, but I can not think of them."

Which coach have you developed the tightest bond with so far? "Maybe Coach Hopson at Ole Miss. Whenever I talk to him, he is a really nice guy. He makes me feel very wanted. The other guys do too, but maybe he is coming on a little more."

Which schools seem to be the most interested in you? "There are a few. I know Ole Miss and LSU are very interested, as well as Mississippi State. They (MSU) made me feel really wanted (at their camp). I know they are interested."

Have any new schools entered the picture?
"I think it is pretty much the same ones. Those three (LSU, UM, and MSU) have been recruiting me the hardest, along with Southern Mississippi. They (USM) are real interested too."

Any offers yet? "No sir, not yet."

Which school do you believe is the closest to offering? "I am not really sure. I can not tell at this point."

Which schools are you personally keeping an eye on?
"I would say LSU, Ole Miss, Auburn, Mississippi State, and Southern Mississippi. Those are just a few. I have my other schools too, but those are the top ones."

What attracts you to LSU? "Their coaching staff seems great. They have a very good academic program, and they seemed very concerned about you getting a good education while you are there. They are not just focusing on football. They have some good facilities too. I got to look around when I went to the Nike camp. It is a nice place."

What are Ole Miss' positives?
"A lot of the same things. Their coaches are very nice and upfront. They also have a good academic program. They stress that a lot every time I am up there. They have good facilities too. I like their stadium and field."

And Auburn? "I have not had the chance to go down there yet. I was suppose to go to their camp, but I had to miss it. Coach Dunn calls and writes a lot. He makes me feel wanted."

What do you like about Mississippi State?
"I liked their surroundings and facilities while I was at their camp. Their coaches were very direct, and they let me know how much they wanted me."

What are USM's positives? "I went up for their camp. They have very nice facilities as well. Coach Johnson recruits me, and he writes me a lot as well. They also stress the academics as well."

Where all have you taken unofficial visits to in the last six months?
"I have been to Ole Miss, LSU, Alabama, USM, and MSU."

What are you looking for while you are on these visits? "First, I want to see about their academics and the school itself. I am researching the quarterbacks they are recruiting in my class. I also want to get along with my coaches, you know, where they make you feel at home. I am just looking for a place that I will not get homesick at while I am in school."

Tony carries a 3.3 Core GPA and an 18 on his ACT test.

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