Rebs max in the squat

The Rebel football team did their squat lift max tests today with mixed results, according to Strength & Conditioning Coach Ruben Mendoza.

"It is so close to the season that we took no chances on injury. The squat can be a dangerous lift for knees and backs, so if anyone had a nagging injury, we didn't max them today," noted Mendoza. "The season is much more important than these tests. The tests wouldn't be any good at all if they incapacitated a player for the season."

Some of the stronger players on the team did not max. Center Chris Spencer, who squatted 735 pounds in high school, has severe tendonitis in his knees. It was caused from heavy squatting at a young age. He does not squat at all.

"We substitute leg presses and lunges for Chris and some of the others with knee problems," Mendoza continued.

DT McKinley Boykin, who once benched an Ole Miss record 785 pounds, still does not squat due to a back injury from last year. OT Tre' Stallings was experiencing some lower back pain, so Mendoza took the precautionary route with him and OG Marcus Johnson, who also has some minor ailments. FB Rick Razzano, who has had a 600-pound squat in his career, was also held out.

"We held about 30 guys out of the max tests today," he said.

Some of the notable numbers on players who did max with the squat included:

LB Patrick Willis – 480 pounds; DT Michael Bozeman – 590; DT Chris Herring – 600; RB Vashon Pearson – 530; DT Andrew Wicker – 530; DT Daniel Booth – 585; CB Trumaine McBride – 450; RB Dawan Woods – 460; WR Mike Espy – 455; S Edwin Gelin – 435; RB Brandon Jacobs – 500; Freshman DB Terrell Jackson – 465; TE Lawrence Lilly – 550; SS Kelvin Robinson – 525; FS Eric Oliver – 500; FB Lorenzo Townsend – 535; DE Viciente DeLoach – 505; DB Bryant Thomas – 450 and DE Brandon Jenkins – 480.

"Overall, at first glance, we had some good numbers. A lot of the younger kids who have been in the program a full year or more improved substantially," Mendoza closed. "Based on the numbers I have, we are on the path to being a pretty strong football team this fall."

Newcomers – true freshmen and JUCO transfers who have not been here all summer – did not test either.

The Rebs will max in the bench press tomorrow. We'll get some numbers up tomorrow afternoon.

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