Rogers Loche and Marcus Green a couple of weeks ago. For those that do not remember, Coach Bradshaw was in the Mississippi coaching ranks for quite some time.

"> Rogers Loche and Marcus Green a couple of weeks ago. For those that do not remember, Coach Bradshaw was in the Mississippi coaching ranks for quite some time.


Star LB gets ready for the summer circuit

The Rebels received an unofficial visit from the reigning District 4A Defensive Player of the Year. Bastrop's head coach, Brad Bradshaw, brought up <a href="loche_rogers.html">Rogers Loche</a> and <a href="../rb/green_marcus.html">Marcus Green</a> a couple of weeks ago. For those that do not remember, Coach Bradshaw was in the Mississippi coaching ranks for quite some time.</font> <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2"><br> <br>

The following information was revealed during our interview with Mr. Rogers Loche:

What is your current height, weight, and forty time? "I am 6' 1", 225, and I run a 4.5 forty."

Which position are you being recruited on the next level? "Linebacker."

How long have you been starting at Bastrop? "This will be my 3rd year."

All at linebacker? "Yes sir."

Do you go both ways or just play LB? "I am strictly a linebacker."

What makes you a good football player? "My work ethic. I work hard in the weight room, in the offseason, and on the practice field. In my opinion, that is what makes me a good player."

What are your strengths on the field? "My love and passion for the game. I just go out there and have fun. As far as my physical strengths, I just go in and run to the ball. I try to use my speed and quickness to my advantage."

What do you need to work on for the next level? "Right now, my study time in the film room. I need to get a little faster and stronger too, so I can step it up my last year in high school ball."

What were your stats as a junior? "My junior year, I had 102 tackles, 71 solos, 9 sacks, 5 fumble recoveries, 8 forced fumbles, 2 interceptions, and 1 defensive TD."

Which awards did you garner for your play on the field? "I was 1st Team All-District, 1st Team All-State (Class 4A), Player of the Week twice, All-Northeast LA, and Defensive MVP of District 4A."

What are your personal goals for the upcoming season? "As of right now, I just had shoulder surgery. I just want to work hard with the team so I can have another successful season."

What type of injury did you occur? "There were a couple of ligaments torn in my shoulder, but I really do not know the name of it."

When did you tear the ligaments? "During the middle of last season. I played the rest of the season with a harness on my shoulder."

How long will it be before you are back to 100%? "The recovery is 4 to 5 months, but I will be back to myself in June."

Which schools seem to be the most interested in you? "The most interested is Texas A&M, but I have also been offered by Arizona State, Arkansas, and Michigan State."

Which schools are you keeping a close eye on? "I am looking at the depth chart to see how many linebackers they have and are recruiting. Also, how I get along with their coaches and players. Right now, it is probably between Ole Miss and Texas A&M."

Have you taken any visits to the schools you are interested in? "Yes sir, I took a visit to LSU, Ole Miss, and A&M two weeks ago. LSU is stacked at the linebacker position, where as Ole Miss and Texas A&M are in need of a linebacker. Those two are the schools that look like the best fit for me, but this summer I will take some more visits to see what their situation looks like."

Which schools do you plan on visiting? "Probably Arkansas, Arizona State, Ole Miss, and a few more."

During your visits, did you get a feel for each school's coaching staff? "I learned how they were looking at me, and the interest they showed, as far as how hard they are recruiting me. Ole Miss wanted someone to go out and make plays at a high intensity level. I felt like I fitted in great withtheir philosophy and about the same at A&M."

With the staffs not being able to call you yet, have you took upon yourself to make contact with them? "Yes sir, I have contacted the coaches from Arkansas, Arizona State, and Ole Miss. Those are the only ones I have personally called so far, but I plan to visit them this summer."

Will there be anymore factors in your decision, as far as finding the right school for you? "Well, I want to see how their environment and their community is. Does it feel like home? I also want my family to see me play, so distance will be important."

Did your visit at Ole Miss feel at home? "Well, yes it did. It really did. It is really close to home too, but right now, it feels like Texas A&M. They are rebuilding their program, and I feel like I could go help their team right away. It will be a tough decision because I like both schools so much, but who is to say that someone else will not jump into the picture when I take some more visits this summer. I am still pretty much wide open."

Rogers carries a 3.0 Core GPA and scored a 16 on his first ACT attempt.

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