Neely talks about Ole Miss and LSU camps.

One of Ole Miss' key recruits for the 2005 class was at Ole Miss for their 3 Day camp. Neely also attended LSU's senior camp. <br><br> Which school left the biggest impression?

The following information was revealed during our interview with Mr. Neely:

Have you seen any changes in your height or weight since we last spoke? "At Ole Miss, I weight in at 289, and they measured me in at 6' 6". I believe that is different from you had from before."

What did you run at the Ole Miss camp? "A 5.1." (should be noted that Reid ran the fastest 40 time out of all of the offensive linemen at the Ole Miss camps, and he also ran between a 5.1 and a 5.2 on all three runs.)

Any changes in your strength? "I am benching 330 or so. Pretty much everything has gone up."

During the month of May, did you receive any phone calls? "Lets see, Coach Mushamp (LSU) called. Coach Hobson (UM) called. I got to talk with Coach Cutcliffe. I think that might be it for the first day. Coach Cutcliffe called me at 8:00 am that day. He was the first person to call me. I got some other calls after the first day, like Memphis, MSU, and some others."

Have you received any additional offers since this Spring? "No sir."

Have you been to any camps after Ole Miss'? "I went to LSU this past weekend, and they are suppose to call me back this week. Other than that, I might go to 1 or 2 more, but I am pretty satisfied. I know Alabama and Auburn want me to come to theirs. Tennessee does too. Those are some possibilities, but I was real happy at the Ole Miss camp."

What is LSU suppose to call you back about? "An offer is possible. They said they were going to meet as a staff and see what they are going to do. Coach Saban told me that he was going to call me this week to let me know."

Tell me about your experiences at the two camps? "Wow, the Ole Miss camp. It was actually the first time I have ever been individually instructed as a lineman. I learned more during those three days than I have in my whole life. I just learned so much, technique wise, that is going to help me out a lot this year. I was very happy that I made it over there for their camp. I feel like I am a much better player now."

Is the race still pretty much between Ole Miss and LSU? "Yes sir."

Do you have a pretty good idea on where you want to go? "I really do not need to talk about that right now."

Going into your senior season, what are your personal goals? "Since we do not keep up with stats at JA, I do not have any numbers I have set. I just want to be the leader on our team because we do not have a lot of seniors coming back. We will be real young, so they need someone to look up to. I want to be that person."

Team wise, what are your goals? "I would say that the younger guys do not have much experience, so I would like to see them get better and better as the season progresses. If that happens, we will have a chance to repeat (as state champs)."

Reid carries a 20 on his ACT and a 91 GPA.

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