Michael Oher is the top lineman out of Tennessee

Last season, Mike was the Division 11 (2A) Lineman of the Year. He has already been offered by the likes of the Tennessee's, LSU's, Ole Miss', Oklahoma State's, and North Carolina State's of the world<br> <br> It looks like the Wolf Pack has already made quite an impression on the young man, but Ole Miss was able to get him on their campus for Junior Day. What type of impression did the Rebels make?

The following information was revealed during our interview with Mr. Oher:

What is your current height, weight, and forty time? "I am 6' 5", 320, and I ran a 4.9 forty the last time I ran it."

Which position are you being recruited to play on the next level? "Offensive tackle."

How long have you been starting at offensive tackle? "Since my freshman season. I took over the job in like the third game."

What are your strengths at offensive tackle? "My footwork and awareness, but mainly my footwork."

What are you trying to work on to take your game to the next level? "Mainly just coming off the ball a little better. More explosiveness."

How did Briarcrest's season go last year? "We won state, so I guess pretty good (laugh)."

Personally, how did your season go? "At the beginning, I had problems. I was trying to fit into the system. I transferred from Westwood, so it took some getting use to. But as the season went along, I started playing better. I received 1st Team All-State, Metro, Best of the Preps, and all of that stuff."

What are your personal goals for next season? "I want to have a stronger first part of the season, and I want to lead my team to another state championship."

Did your coaches keep up with your pancakes? "We were doing bones for the amount of pancakes we had. They started it in the 5th game, but I forgot my number. I had more than anyone else on the team. I do know that."

Which schools are currently showing you the most interest? "Oklahoma State is showing a lot. LSU, Tennessee, and North Carolina State are some more."

Which schools have caught your eye up to this point? "I think N.C. State really has. I went up there to look around at a basketball game. They showed me around, and I really liked it."

Anymore schools? "Not really, because I have not really taken a look around. I have not really looked around yet. You know, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss, Tennessee, and LSU are some pretty good schools too, but I really do not know yet."

Have you received any early offers? "Oklahoma State, N. C. State, Tennessee, LSU, of course Ole Miss, and I think that is about it, but there are some more. Michigan is showing me a lot of interest and Notre Dame it too."

Have you had a chance to take any Spring visits? "Yes sir."

Which school impressed you the most? "Definitely NC State. It surprised me a lot. They have a great campus and football facilities and everything."

Where else did you visit? "I went to NC State's, Ole Miss', Memphis', and Oklahoma State's Junior Days.."

How did your trip to Ole Miss go? "I liked them a lot. Their coaches were pretty straight. They convinced me to like them. their football facilities were nice, but it was mainly their coaches. Coach Cutcliffe seemed like a good guy. He seemed really happy to have me over there."

What least did you like about your trip to Ole Miss? "It was probably their meal. It was not as good as the other ones. That was about it."

What will be the factors for you when it comes decision time? "Definitely the academic situation. Will I fit in with their academic programs and everything."

Out of all of the schools you have visited so far, which school did you best fit in with, academically? "I felt like I fit in well at Ole Miss. They really broke it down for me. I felt like I could make it at Ole Miss."

Anybody else stand stand out for you? "Not really. Ole Miss broke it down to a tee. I think Ole Miss did the best at breaking it down. They really caught my attention."

Mike carries a 2.6 GPA and is currently waiting for his latest ACT results.

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