Derek Pegues takes an unofficial visit to Ole Miss

The offers keep piling in for arguable Mississippi's top rated prospect. The list now stands at ten, as Ole Miss, Michigan, Mississippi State, Notre Dame, LSU, Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Tennessee, and Alabama have all offered.<br><br> Derek took an unofficial visit to the University of Mississippi last week. It looks as if the Rebels have made a lot of inroads for Derek Pegues' services, as three of his best friends and his brother, are currently at Ole Miss.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Mr. Pegues:

Where did you camp at this summer? "I went to Notre Dame, East Central CC, and Ole Miss. That is about all I went too."

Any new offers this summer? "Yes sir, you could say that (laugh). I have Ole Miss, Michigan, Notre Dame, LSU, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Auburn, Mississippi State, and Michigan. I think that is about it."

Which position are each school recruiting you to play? "Pretty much, they are all for cornerback."

Any phone calls in the month of May? "Yes sir, all of those who offered called. Florida and Miami called too."

Who called first? "Coach Luke at Ole Miss."

Which coach do you feel closest to right now? "I would have to say Coach Hobby at Ole Miss."

Does Coach Hobby now recruit South Panola? "No sir, but when I go over there, he is the one I kick it with. I have pretty much known him since I was in junior high. You know, I have been going over there for a while now."

Which schools are now at the top of your list? "I can not really say for sure right now because it is so early, but I like Ole Miss, LSU, Auburn, Michigan, and Tennessee the most."

What all do you like about Ole Miss? "It is so close to home, for one. They are getting a lot of players from South Panola on their team. All my boys are there right now, you know. It would be hard for me to go anywhere else. They are an up and coming team who has a chance to dominate with all of the players they have from our team and the rest of the players they have gotten from Mississippi. Their football program turned it around in the past year."

What are Tennessee's positives? "I just always liked Tennessee growing up. They have always been my favorite team. They are not too far from home, and they always have a good team. They could be a contender (for my services)."

What about Michigan? "They are a good program. I have family two hours from their campus too. They are losing all of their CB's, so I have a good chance to play in my freshman year."

And LSU? "About the same. They are losing their two CB's. They are a good team, won the national championship, and they should be contending again for the next two to three years. I really like that about them."

And Auburn? "They are just a good program. I also liked them growing up. Their coaches are showing me a lot of interest, and they said I would play from day one."

Is the chance to win going to be the number one factor for you when it comes decision time? "It is one of the big issues, but it will not be the only issue for me. All of the schools that I named also have great academic programs. I would be getting the best of both worlds. A great football and academic school. You know, coming from South Panola, we are not use to losing. I want to win on any level that I am on. I do not know of any other way."

Have you heard from the Clarion Ledger to see if you made the Dandy Dozen team? "Yes sir, I made it. We all made it. John Jerry and Travis Sanford made it too."

Have you had a chance to take any unofficial visits this summer? "Well, actually, I just came back from Ole Miss the other day."

How did it go? "It was real tight. It was straight. They mostly showed me around their new (indoor) facility. That thing is so big and impressive. I have never seen anything like that. I also got to talk with Coach Hobby. It was good to see him and all of the boys. It was straight."

You mentioned that having your teammates at Ole Miss was attractive for you; how big of a factor is that? "Well, you know, they are all there. My brother goes there too. So, you know, yea its a little bit of a factor."

Last year, the South Panola players that were being recruited by the Division 1 programs all talked about sticking together and trying to win a championship together on the next level; have you, John Jerry, and Travis Sanford talked about doing the same thing? "Yea, we talk about that a lot. We talk about taking it to Ole Miss and winning a national championship in two to three years. We are always talking about that."

Will you have anymore unofficial visits lined up before the season starts? "No, we start practice in Monday. Play time is over. We have to defend our title, and we plan on doing just that."

Derek carries a 2.9 GPA and an 18 on his ACT test.

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