Jerry takes a look at Ole Miss for Junior Day

John started at defensive tackle and played a lot of offensive tackle for the Class 5A Champs. For the season, Jerry collected 86 tackles (29 for losses) and 13 QB sacks.<br> <br> Jerry attended Ole Miss' Junior Day. We called to see how his visit went.<br> <em><strong><br>

The following information was revealed during our interview with Mr. Jerry:

What is your current height, weight, and forty time? "I am listed as 6' 6", but the doctor told me I was more like 6' 7". I have lost a few pounds, and I am down to 325. I ran a 5.2 this Saturday. I got it down from a 5.4. I am going to get it down in the 4's before the season starts."

Which position are you being recruited to play on the next level? "Nobody has really told me, but I believe I am going to play offensive tackle though. It would not phrase me."

What makes you a good ball player? "Just my determination. I do not know, just my love for the game. You have to work hard to be a good player."

What are you trying to work on to take your game to the next level? "I need to get my lower body stronger. I need to get my speed down, and once I do those two things, I will be ready for the next level."

Where do you plan to camp at this summer? "Our team is going to Ole Miss and MSU. Coach Woods is going to take me, Derek Pegues, and Travis (Sanford) to the Tennessee camp. I really do not know how that is going to work out though."

How long have you been starting for South Panola? "Since last year."

What year will you be next year? "I will be a senior. I have already started on my correspondence courses. By the end of the summer, I will already be caught up."

Have you informed the colleges of your status? "Oh, yes sir, I told them back in January. When all of that stuff happened to Marcus (Griffin), I decided to get a jump on it."

What were your personal stats last year? "I ended the season with 84 tackles, 29 for losses, and 13 sacks."

Did you garner any awards? "Yes sir, I got All-District and State at defensive tackle."

Did you play any offensive tackle last season? "Yes sir, I played a lot at OT."

Are you going to start both ways this year? "Well, I am going to split my time at OT and TE on offense. I will start at NG though."

Have you ever played any TE before? "In 9th grade I did."

What are your goals for next season? "To win the state again. My first personal goal is to lead our defensive line in tackles like I did last year. Other than that, just put my team before me."

Which schools are currently writing you the most? "Tennessee and Ole Miss. Them two have really been keeping in contact with me. MSU writes a lot too."

Who do you think is recruiting you the hardest? "Ole Miss. They already tried to get me to commit (laugh)."

What did you tell them? "I told them that I had another season ahead of me. Let me get that out of the way first. But you know, them are my boys. They know what is up."

Is Ole Miss your only offer so far? "I think so, yes sir."

Which other schools have caught your attention? "I say Tennessee. They really might be my favorite team though. Miami too. I get a lot of letters from them too. I am interested in those three schools the most, but I am not paying too much attention to colleges right now."

Have you attended any Junior Days this Spring? "I went to Ole Miss a couple of weeks ago. Me, Derek (Pegues), and Travis (Sanford) went together."

Is that when Ole Miss tried to get you to commit? "Yea (laugh). They tried to get all three of us to commit."

What most stood out to you about Ole Miss during your trip? "I love their weight room. It is real big. I use to not like working out, but now I love it. The coaches too, like Coaches Cutcliffe and Luke. They are straight."

Will you attend anymore Junior Days this Spring? "I really do not think so."

You told me earlier in the year that you wanted to play with your brother Peria Jerry on the next level. Does this still hold true? "Yea, but I would not mind playing against him either."

Would you whether play with or against your brother on the next level? "Ole Miss got some talent. They have been recruiting real good. Ole Miss is loaded with it. I would rather be with it than against it. I just want a coach to do something with my talent. They got good coaches too, so you know, it is a pretty good fit for me."

What will be the main factors in your decision? "Just a chance to play as a freshman. I do not want to redshirt. Where ever I go, as soon as I learn their system, I will be fine. I kind of want to stay close to home too, but that is not the main thing with me."

Would you prefer to play DT or OT on the next level? "It really does not matter to me. Where ever I can get in. I just want to be on the field."

What all is going on with Marcus Griffin? "Man, you did not hear about his wreck. He had a bad 4 wheeler accident. He has like 48 stitches in his head. He is pretty messed up, but he did not break any bones or anything."

Due to the wreck, will Marcus get to play next season for N' West CC ? "He says he is, but it is going to be tough for him. They say he might need to sit out a year."

Tell us about next year's South Panola team? "Man, we are going to be scary. Have you heard about our 10th grade class? Man, they were just freshmen last year, but people around here say it is our best class ever."

Who all are stand outs from your rising sophomore class? "Well, JaMichael Sanford is probably going to take Marcus' spot. He is already like 215 pounds and runs a 4.5. Ricky Sanford runs a 4.4 too. We got this other guy though, and I do not know what to say about him. Jeremy Griffin, he is about 6' 1", 225 and he ran a 4.48 with me last Saturday. He will either play FB or LB or maybe both. I think he could be better than Marcus. That boy is cold. Chris Strong (Eddie Strong's 1st cousin), he is cold. He is already like 6' 3", 210 and he plays MLB. They already think he is going to be better than Eddie. And Justin Harris, he is already 6' 6", 255 and he plays DE. He might be the best defensive player in the state. That kid, he got game. Kareem Carr, he plays behind Derek Pegues, but he is just an athlete. He is already over 200 pounds and he runs a 4.42. That class is loaded. We are going to be for real next year."

John carries around a "B" average and has yet to take the ACT test.

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