Kris receives first offer

Kris will be a four year starter for the Tartors this upcoming season. As a sophomore, Thigpen led Taylorsville to the Class 2A State Championship. Kris' junior season, Taylorsville made it to the South State championship game but lost to Seminary.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Mr. Thigpen:

What is your current height, weight, and forty time? "I am 6' 4", 200, and I run the 40 in a 4.7 flat."

Which position are you being recruited to play on the next level? "QB."

Have you ever played anything besides QB? "A little safety, but not much."

How long have you have been starting for Taylorsville? "Since the last four games of my freshman season. My whole sophomore year I started, and we won the State Championship. Those four games as a freshman helped me know what to expect going into my 10th grade. I did not make the mistakes that most sophomores make. Last year too, I made good decisions, and I was accurate."

What do you consider your strengths to be on the field? "First, I consider myself to be a good leader. A good decision maker and a very accurate passer. I am a student of the game, and I enjoy practicing and getting better and better."

What do you need to work on to take your game to the next level? "I think my arm strength is fine, but every year I try to get it a little stronger. This year will be no exception. I need to be more allusive. I am a pocket passer, so I need to work on my speed. We lost all of our WR's, and we are putting in a new offense. I need to learn everything that I can so I can help my team win the championship again. We are hungry after losing to Seminary in the South State Championship game last year. That hurt us bad, but I feel we have what it takes to get the job done this year. Not only that, but I want to be known as the best QB in Mississippi, most definitely."

What were your stats as a sophomore at Taylorsville? "I passed for over 1, 800 yards and 18 TD's with 8 interceptions. I am not sure about my attempts to completions"

Which awards did you win? "I think I made 1st Team All-District. It was either 1st or 2nd Team. I am not sure."

And this past season, what were your stats? "I threw for 2, 653 yards and 26 TD's with 7 interceptions. I was 144 out of 260."

And awards you received? "I was 2A All-State Honorable Mention, 1st Team All-District, and I also made the WDAM All-Area team. I might could have made 1st Team All-State but Blake Barnes was in 2A too. He was a senior and all, so I knew he would get it."

Which schools are presently the most interested in you? "Vandy definitely, as they have offered. MSU, Ole Miss, Florida, and I have not heard too much from Alabama lately. I do not know about them. Ole Miss, MSU, Vandy, lets put Florida in there, and Memphis. Coach White (Taylorsville's head coach), told me that Memphis' head coach is coming for my Spring game this year."

Which schools have peaked your interest? "Well, I think MSU because I got a chance to see their QB, and I had a chance to talk to their coaching staff at Jr Day. I have seen their QB's throw and what type of drills they do. It might be a good place for me, but I have to see how their QB's, and their team for that matter, do this year. I like Ole Miss also because Coach Cutcliffe does a great job with their QB's, as far as developing them and all. And Florida does too. Their QB coach had Byron Leftwich and Chad Pennington. I have to be impressed with that."

Which schools have you visited this Spring? "Well, I went to Jr Days at Auburn, Alabama, and MSU. I was planning on going to Ole Miss', but it just so happened that we had a track meet that day. I was pretty disappointed about that, but I am definitely going to make it to their camp."

What other camps do you plan on attending? "On May 2nd, I am going to the Nike Camp at Baton Rouge. I will go to MSU, UM, Vandy, Alabama, and maybe Florida because their coach came by today. He told me that they were only recruiting 5 QB's, and I was one of them. He has never offered a QB who did not attend his camp, so I might just go."

What will you be looking for when you are trying to find the right school for you? "I think as far as a football standpoint, a good coaching staff that has a winning mindset. A staff that can make believers out of his players. A place where they win and win a lot. A place where I can play and get the exposure that I need. But the most important thing to me is how good of a QB coach do they have? I want someone to help me get to the league. Just to have a chance to play for a great coach, on a winning team that gets a lot of exposure. That is what I am looking for. As it gets closer and closer to my senior year, all of those schools seem like a great place to be. This makes the decision that much tougher. All of those schools provide a good education and a good football team, except MSU. But, they all have good staffs. I may want to go Ole Miss but Vandy might be the right place for me. That is just an example. Like, I have always wanted to play for FSU, but I know it is not in my best interest to go there."

Kris carries a 3.2 GPA and a 16 on his ACT test.

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